Sunday, December 26, 2010


We're going to Philadelphia for a few days to visit Tom's family for Christmas. We originally planned to leave tomorrow morning, but earlier this evening, we started thinking about how great it might be to actually leave tonight. We were going to first attend our third family party (my family) in as many days, then stop home to pack up quickly, and leave. We knew we'd arrive in the wee hours of the morning, but it seemed to make the most sense. Firstly, the baby always sleeps the whole time in the car, and since it would be late, we wouldn't mess up his sleeping schedule at all. It would also allow us the chance to catch Tom's sister before she left town again. And of course, we wanted more time to relax with his family. So we got all geared up for leaving tonight - we started packing, Tom loaded up on caffeine at the party, and we were getting excited for a late-night trek. We announced around 9:30 that we would be heading out early so we could hit the road. And that's when people started mentioning the nor'easter due to hit Philly tonight.

From the NOAA website: "Travel is strongly discouraged." Darn! So it looks like we'll be leaving at the crack of dawn now, instead. And neither of us are morning people (nor is Sly, who wakes up at 9am) I'm kinda dreading it now.

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