Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Sly's First Birthday

I mentioned before that I wanted Sly's little party to be rubber ducky themed, since he loves them so.

Here are the cute invitations I made.

I'm not into scrapbooking at all (it's hard enough just to keep up-to-date with the hard-copy photos in my albums, let alone designing entire themed pages around them!), but MAN, do I love the scrapbooking section at craft stores these days. I feel like I've been doing a lot of little projects with cardstock recently.

Presumably, my mother's massive shipments of rubber ducky items have arrived, so all the decor is taken care of (she showed me the "inflatable rubber ducky coasters" last time I visited. Oh my gosh.)

I still want to make a cake. I've never decorated a cake before, beyond simply icing it with a knife! So I have a feeling my ducky cake might turn out pretty badly. There are several components that all have to come together in order for this not to be a total disaster: 1. the recipe I choose has to work out alright, and result in a cake which is edible, 2. I have to manage to sculpt the cake into something at least vaguely rubber duck-shaped (or do I?), and 3. I have to decorate it in such a way that it actually resembles a duck.

Luckily, I'm visiting a friend tonight, and she's going to teach me a few cake-decorating techniques.

One more week, and then my baby's not really going to be a baby anymore...


  1. Your cake is going to turn out just fine! You even already have a template! Besides, with all the other rubber ducky stuff, I'm sure no one will wonder if it's a chicken. :)

  2. How did you make that invitation? I am looking to make my own for my son's next birthday party(he will be turning 5)