Saturday, April 6, 2013

Firmoo Glasses

I've written before about how Tom and I have been buying our eyeglasses on the internet for the past few years, instead of through the eye doctor.  I recently tried out a pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo, an online glasses retailer that has recently opened to the US.

1. Way less expensive than buying glasses from your eye doctor.
2. A lot of the styles they offer are very trendy right now.  Most frames come in multiple colors, and they have sunglasses and safety goggles as well.
3. One of my favorite features is the virtual try-on.  You can upload a picture of your face, and then "try" on the glasses to get a feel for how they would look on you (and it allows you to size them correctly, based on your pupillary distance (i.e. how far apart your eyes are)). 
4. If you get your eye doctor to give you your prescription, it's very simple to get perfect prescription glasses. If you're interested in trying out some non-prescription "fashion glasses", there are plenty of looks to choose from.
5. All glasses arrive with a hard case, a storage bag, a microfiber lens cloth, and a little screwdriver for tightening the screws - very nice!

1. The website is frequently updating their format and graphics, so that every time I visit it, things look different.  Although this is probably a sign that the company is doing well.
2.  There's a lot of awkward wording throughout the website.  It's clearly written by a non-native English speaker.
3. Glasses ship from China.  They can take a little while to arrive, and shipping costs obviously reflect the distance.
4. You need to be very careful to read the info about each frame.  They tell you the recommended PD (pupillary distance) range, which is very important to pay attention to.  Otherwise, you will feel dizzy as soon as you put them on, as I learned the hard way with my *first* pair I got from them.

My old glasses are small and rectangular, so I wanted to try a totally different look.  I chose these huge tortoiseshell ones.

After the hack-job I did to my bangs, I finally had to make them "straight-across bangs".  But I'm realizing in this picture that they're actually rather slanted...*must resist urge to pick up scissors again*

There are a couple of great deals they are offering. 
1.The First Pair Free program, for new customers.  You get the frames+lenses (either prescription or not) for FREE, and all you have to pay is shipping.  The shipping is a little pricey depending on where you live, but probably still under $20.  That's so much better than $200 glasses from your eye doctor!
2. I am able to offer a special voucher code to readers for $30 off any of the designer line of frames.  This is good for the next few weeks, and can be used six times: Chirstineblogs2 [yes, they spelled my name wrong]


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