Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings, May 6th

Right now...
Sly is in his room for a "nap" (i.e. talking to himself, banging, and playing with toys), Stella is asleep on the Boppy in my lap, and I need to get back to cooking and cleaning, as we are having dinner guests!

This weekend...
My mother-in-law was visiting. We treated her to a home-cooked steak dinner on Saturday, to thank her for doing our taxes for us again this year (she does it for a living, and is always happy to take care of them for us as well).

Stella got her first tooth, finally.  Sly has been copying me, and calling her "Stella one-tooth."  He keeps asking to "feel her little toothy."

I baked some banana cookies on Friday which were fantastic.  We didn't have orange zest, but I doubled the vanilla to make up for it.  

I started caring for my hair according to Curly Girl.  I had heard of this book from a few different people who all claimed it changed their lives.  It explains how to care properly for curly hair in a way that keeps it healthy and looking beautiful.  I always figured it wasn't for me, but when I picked it up last week at the library, I saw there was a section for wavy hair as well.  That's what I have, though I've always used a blow-dryer and a brush to smooth out the waves.  I decided to just go for it, and let my hair do its natural thing for a little while.  Here are the results from day one:
The book says that sometimes, more curls will form after a few weeks. I'm gonna try to stick it out and see what happens.

We needed new tires on the car.  It cost over $500, and that was for the cheapest ones.  Ugh.  And we might not even have the car too much longer.  Should I happen to get pregnant again, we'll need to trade it in for something bigger.  But Tom and I had a rare rare opportunity to spend a few hours alone while we waited for the tires to be put on.  My MIL stayed home with the kids, and we got a chance to walk around and shop for Mother's Day gifts.  Did you know that that's next Sunday?!  Because I sure didn't.

We also got our morning glory seedlings all planted in planters set along the base of our porch again.  We used twice the amount as last year, and mixed the blue and red ones.  We could potentially have some very pretty results come August.

Some plans for the week: 
Having some friends for dinner tonight, joining a friend and her little man for lunch on Wednesday.  Possibly taking the kids to library story time.  They do such a nice job at those, telling stories and singing songs with the kids.  It's like preschool, or at least what I remember of it.  But Sly is always the only kid just sitting there, refusing to do anything. He claims he enjoys it, though.

I also hope to finally finish painting our kitchen table.  That's been in the works for over a week now, and I hate not having a table in there!

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...
Turn some tanktops into nursing tanks! 

Basically, it would just be a way to add stomach coverage so I feel comfortable nursing without a cover in public (this is my goal!  I want to be an apostle for making nursing seem "normal" again, but I still don't like my flabby tummy showing to the world...).  The only difference between these and just wearing a normal tank under a shirt seems just to be that you cut down on the number of straps on your shoulders. 

While I'm at it, I'm also going to cut out the elastic bands from those stupid "built-in bras" that so many tanktops have.  They are designed, I think, for people who are much smaller in that area than I am (especially while nursing), so they just dig in very uncomfortably on me in all the wrong places.

Prayer intentions for the week:
Some friends who are experiencing infertility. 

Something that makes me smile: 
Watching my kids play together.  No one can get Stella to crack up as well as Sly can.  He just has to make a funny sound, or pop out from behind some object, and she bursts into laughter.  So sweet.

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  1. Even for those of us who are small enough for the built-in bras to do anything ... I've always found that over time it causes the top to sink farther and farther down. Never had this problem with bra-free tanks tops. Since I usually wear tanks to make other shirts modest, unless I wear a real bra, it ends up defeating the purpose. :-P

  2. I am all for normalizing nursing in public, but I am curious when you'd say the last time that sort of thing was normal? It just seems for the last two hundred years or so, it'd be pretty uncommon to see middle class mothers living in urban areas in the western world nursing in public. I mean, they didn't even leave the house when they were heavily pregnant! Totally, totally on board with nursing public nowadays, I just wonder if we're romancing the past, you know?

    1. That's a valid question, Caitlin. I don't know a lot about it, but it's a good topic for future study. I know that middle and upper-class women at various places/times used nursemaids as a matter of course. And in the Victorian period, I'm sure it was NOT done in public, at least by certain social classes. But from old photos I've seen, it appears that - at least in this country - by the 20s and 30s, it was normal to see women nursing in public, and no one seemed to mind it. Maybe they were all lower-class women? In my opinion, though, what does class matter to the question, at least these days?

  3. Your hair looks beautiful with it's natural curl. I believe in not fighting mother nature when it comes to curls. I embrace my curliness. I just placed Curly Girl on hold at my library; looking forward to reading the authors ideas and methods. Please keep us updated on your curl are on to something!