Monday, July 8, 2013

Kids Talking

My little Stella isn't quite 11 months old, but she's definitely started to talk.  I'm not sure if she's actually starting a lot earlier than Sly did (which, I hear, is common for girls), or if my ear is just better trained to discern "baby talk" now. 

There are a few words now which I am certain she is saying, since repetition and circumstance 
have made it clear: 

kitty ("k! eeee!")
water (wa-ga) - said when she wants a drink of it, or when she sees something like a fountain
night-night (nigh-nigh) - said in an amazingly sweet voice, with a flourishing hand wave, at bedtime

There are a few others that I suspect might be words, but I'm waiting to hear them a couple more times in the appropriate context until I'm sure.


Meanwhile, her big brother, almost 3 years old, is saying all sorts of rascally things.

Every few days, Sly pretends to be a different creature.  If anyone calls him Sly, or "big brother" or "little man" or any of the various things he gets referred to as, he becomes irritated and corrects them: "I'm a snake!" or "I'm an allosaurus!", etc.

We were checking out at a store...
Cashier: "I like your dinosaur shirt."
Sly: "It Tyrannosaurus Rex!"
Cashier: "Oh, that's nice."
Sly [affronted]: "He not nice!  He fierce!"

I found him one morning, pressing Stella into the floor and making her cry. 
Mommy: "What are you doing?!"
Sly [as if it was perfectly obvious]: "I'm saving her for later, to eat."
(I guess he was a dinosaur again that day?)
Sly has started to tell us sometimes - thinking it's a great joke - that he doesn't love us, or doesn't like us.
Tucking him into bed last week, he told me, "I love you.  I usually don't love you."

I've started to crack down on it.  A few days ago when he told me with a smile that he didn't like me, he got time out, and then had to apologize.  We have taught Sly, when he apologizes, to both address the person by name, and to state exactly what it is he's sorry for (example: "Sorry I hit you, Stella").  So when he apologized to me, it came out, "Sorry, Mommy.  I don't like you."

Sly loves to strum Tom's guitar.  He says he's "playing his album."  Sometimes Sky makes up random lyrics to accompany the guitar, and sometimes he sings Baa Baa Blacksheep.  My heart melts a little everytime he says the line, "Baa baa blacksheep, henny wenny wool..."


  1. Haha- I love the things that come out of kids' mouths.

  2. :) I always love hearing Sly adventures!

  3. We are the same with our discipline for apology -making. We ask our children say sorry, use the person's name, state the offense and ask for forgiveness. We've also 'upped the anty' with our oldest, in asking her to look the person in the eye that she needs to say sorry to (she's four). I think you are on the right track!!

    1. "Asking for forgiveness" and "looking in the eye": those are both great ideas - thanks!

  4. I know that was a leap for us, figuring out that we needed to punish toddlers for things like saying "I don't like you" or refusing to give Gramma a kiss. But it makes a HUGE difference! They are so much more pleasant once they figure out that kind of stuff won't be tolerated.

  5. Kids are hilarious. Love it. And we do apologies the same way- eye contact, address the person, and state what you're sorry for. If it was for something mean/rough/physically acting-out, they must also 'give a very gentle hug' with the apology to practice what kind of touch IS okay. :-)