Friday, August 16, 2013

One Year Old

Our little sweetheart is ONE today! 
The birthday girl today

one year ago

I can't believe how much she's grown, and how fast this past year went.  In many ways, she's still such a baby, though.  Sly started walking and weaned himself at 11 months.  Stella still has no interest in doing either. 

At one year...
Stella is such a doll, always smiling and waving at people.  She's pretty fearless, never acting timid in new situations.  She adores all animals and coos in delight whenever she sees one.  When she's lucky enough to get close to one of our cats, she just buries her whole face into their sides, crooning gleefully.  Stella has an enormous appetite, often eating more then her brother at every meal.  She's still super-snuggly, and has a gentle touch when playing.  She loves the blankie Mommy knit her, and cuddles into it every time she finds it.

Sly loves spending time with his little sister, and has taken to waking her up in the mornings (not something I approve of) just so she can come out and play with him sooner.  I love watching the two of them have fun together (especially when it doesn't end in tears).

Happy birthday, sweet Stella Maris!

(we'll be having a combined birthday party for the kids next weekend.  I'll write about it then!)

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Stella! And good luck with the double birthday party this weekend!