Thursday, December 19, 2013


It just hit me last night how close it actually is until Christmas...less than a week! 

Our house is kinda in a shambles at the moment, with boxes of decorations all over the place, but it's slowly coming together.  Gifts are wrapped, and I've been enjoying Pandora's "classical Christmas" station while I work.

 We took the kids to see the seasonal sights Downtown.

And they got to decorate the little tree on their own (not bad for a 3-year old and a 1-year old!)

I'm slowly getting the big tree decked out (no ornaments yet).  And big it is - probably 10 feet this year!

Tom's been working on some super-secret project in the basement after the kids are in bed each night.  He strung up some sheets, and I'm not allowed to go back there...

And our "donation" bin is overflowing, since I've been pre-emptively purging some toys in preparation for the inevitable gift explosion that will descend on our kids next week (from the relatives, not us!)

 Tom and I have picked out our cookie recipes for Saturday's cookie exchange, and shopped for ingredients.  (One of my favorite parts of this exchange is that I get to cajole all the male guests into actually baking something once a year!)


  1. I have to confess I baked Keith's cookies for him last year ... and may end up doing so again this year. :-P

    Also I am way impressed with Sly and Stella's tree! Ours is still bare and will probably remain so until this weekend, possible later.

    1. WHAT?! You broke one of the cardinal rules of the cookie exchange! It's more fun when the guys have to spend half the day in the kitchen and ask us a billion questions because they don't know how the heck to do things like "cream the butter." :-)

  2. Chuckie actually baked his yesterday! And I wasn't home! They turned out pretty good, I think...

    I love Stella's coat!