Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings (in my own style)

This post loosely follows the pattern of Patch O'Dirt Farm's Monday Musings, but I made up my own categories since I just had random unconnected things to blather about.  Sorry to be a rebel today!

In the past week...
We had some friends over for dinner - a newly-married couple who are expecting their first baby.  They seemed to get a big kick out of our children, and I was happy to provide them with a little preview of what they might be able to expect their home to look like in a few years.  At one point during normal dinner conversation, Sly butted in excitedly to say, "One time! When we were at the lake! There was a dead fish!  And then a seagull came and ate him all up!  And then a turkey vulture came and ate what was left!!"  Our guests were very tickled.

Last night, I was walking down our front steps while bearing my much-increased pregnancy weight and carrying Stella in my arms and the (wooden) stair broke under me and I crashed down on my bum.  Thankfully, Stella was fine.  But I twisted my ankle, and it's not been pleasant trying to get around today.  The stair below cracked as well, so we can't use that entrance anymore.  I left a sign on the stair for the mailman, and I'm hoping he will somehow avoid getting hurt by the stairs but still manage to get our mail up into the mailbox! The landlord has been notified, and I hope it's fixed soon.

We had an unseasonably warm day for January - jacket weather!  So I decided to stop being a lazy mom and actually take my kids to a playground.  Sly couldn't stop telling me what a great time he had.  It made me feel like a real champ.

 Until Stella started freaking out on the swing, and we had to go home... :-)

Tom is taking our car in to get detailed tonight, in preparation for selling it.  Our growing family won't be able to fit into it in a few months, so we're looking to upsize.  I bought the car - the only one I've ever owned - when I started my first real job, teaching high school.  It's been with me for a long time, and it's going to be a little sad letting it go.  It also makes me sad to think that we're finally making it shiny and clean again, just so we can sell it to someone else!  I've wanted to have the car detailed for ages, but Tom always said it was a waste of money (and I know he's right, since it would have taken the kids about five seconds to spill something new all over the seats).

What I'm reading...

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. This is a short little book, but full of thoughtful and beautiful reflections about life, womanhood, and being human.  It could make an excellent discussion piece for a short bookgroup, or a couple of girlfriends over coffee.  It's written by the wife of famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh.  Worth picking up!

Tom finally tracked down an inexpensive older copy of Mary Reed Newland's We and Our Children, and gave it to me for Christmas.  I had heard rumors that the new version (re-named How to Raise Good Catholic Children) was abridged to cut out some of the best passages relating to the old Mass (which we attend, so I wanted those parts included).  I've since found out that they once again re-published the original unabridged book (which I linked above).  Newland has lovely ideas about teaching the Faith to children, and I've been sharing many passages with Tom as I read.

What I'm making...

I'm still slowly cranking out a blanket for the new baby.  I *think* I should actually have it done by the end of March, when baby is due.  I'm just about halfway.  The nice part is, since the blanket is knit diagonally, each row is going to get shorter and shorter as I finish!

Something I'm dreading...
I really need to go through all my photos on the computer, and select the ones I want to print out.  I haven't done it in ages...ugh.  I always feel like this is one of the most tedious tasks ever.

I mentioned last week that we wanted to try out Stella - not quite 17 months - in her new toddler bed, and see if she was ready for it yet.  She's been sleeping in it for both nighttime and naptimes since, and doing great!  For the most part, she doesn't even attempt to get out until it's "time."  I was worried the kids would be climbing into each others' beds and bugging each other all the time, but Sly knows better, and Stella has seem too interested in sleeping far so good!

[and now since I've said this, I should probably expect a terrible night with Stella climbing out of bed constantly!]


  1. Thanks for the book recommendations! I just put We and Our Children on my amazon wish list. Do you think it would be a good discussion book for a women's group? We are all mothers from my Extraordinary Form parish. I don't think we're looking for a strict regime type book, just gentle thoughts on Catholic mothering. How easy of a read is it?

    1. Yes, I think this could be a great book for a discussion! It's an easy read, and really keeps you interested. I'm halfway through now, and it's already touched on a lot of important topics.

  2. I am so impressed that you guys moved Stella into a toddler bed already! We plan on keeping Claire in her crib as long as possible, ha ha. And I'm very intrigued what kind of new car you end up with!