Thursday, July 24, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary (Vol. 1)

Gina at Someday (hopefully) They'll Be Saints started a great new link-up: Embrace the Ordinary [thank you, Theresa, for making me aware of it].

I started blogging partially as a way to document and hold myself accountable in my attempts to"embrace the ordinary".  So this is right up my alley.

I love what Gina says about the link-up
"I have a feeling that the more we embrace the ordinary, the more we find wonder and joy in our day to day, the more we take on the struggles and grow through them, the more we’ll find God in our days."

One little slice of beautiful ordinariness came earlier today.  Sly asked to use the scissors to cut something, and I offered to let him pick out a fun "cutting practice" sheet on the computer.  He chose one with spiders we found for free on a homeschooling site.  Then Stella wanted something to do herself, so I printed off a coloring sheet with a pig from the same packet.

I set them up at the little kid table, and they both got right to work.  It was so nice to see them interested and attentive (and quiet!).  Sly cut mostly on the lines, and Stella knew to pick the color pink for her pig.  Such little achievements, but they made me very proud.

Stella wanted Peter Rabbit and Kitty to join them at the table

It'd be great if it's this easy to get them interested when we start homeschooling "for real", but I'm sure things won't always look quite like this :-)


  1. What a great moment! I'm so glad you shared it.
    You're off to a good start with the learning! It's true, not all days are easy, but they are filled with grace and blessings! ;)

  2. I believe moments like these are God's special gifts to us - small, but oh so significant, moments to cherish and recall when times are a little tougher and we (I mean "I" of course) are tempted to think everything is always so difficult. So great that you got to document this one!