Thursday, April 13, 2017

April in Photos

Flora is one year old, and finally starting to pull up to standing.  The other kids are engrossed in the Elmo's Potty Time video their Grammy sent, the latest in a string of unsuccessful ploys to convince Linus to potty train...

Flora in my favorite old-fashioned type of little girl dress

my sweet girls :-)

Just an unecessary photo of my kitchen, because I'm so happy with how bright and cheery it is

Stella's art is just too cute for words

The kids have been bringing me and our Mary statues bunches of spring flowers every day

We identified these ones growing in our yard as periwinkles, and grape hyacinths

Sly had to spend an afternoon in the hospital, after whacking his face on a chair and cutting open his eyelid.  His vision is fine, but he needed four stitches - which required him to be fully sedated.

After years of working on Tom to allow us to get a pet for the kids, he agreed to let the kids pool their money for a pair of hmasters + cage that someone was selling for a really good price on Craigslist.  They are over the moon, and just loving their new pets.  Here, Sly is holding "Mr. Woodchip" (the kids picked the names)

Linus holding "Mr. Fluff"

Flora pulling up once again.  At the midwife's office....where we have been going for prenatal appointments.  We are expecting another baby in September! :-D


  1. I) AHHHHHHHHHHHGHHHHHHH!!!!!)) Congratulations :-)! Yay babies❤❤❤.

    2) poor Sly, how is he doing now?

    3) we are remodeling and I would LOVE white cabinets. How do th y hold up in terms of cleaning/ staying cleaning/ does every speck of dust show?

    Sorry if I the above sounds a little like caveman talk... nursing + typing =caveman lol.

    1. Sly's doing fine! The first day was the toughest, because the doctor said to make him relax and not to let him run or climb anything. That's totally against his nature, so he was miserable ☺️

      The white cabinets we have now are laminate. They get fingerprints and coffee drips as you'd expect, but what I live is that it's a breeze to wipe anything off with a damper rag.

      The place we lived previously was a rental, and the cabinets there were wood painted white. They must not have done a great job because even after a year, the paint still seemed slightly tacky and it was like every stain got absorbed in and was impossible to wipe clean. So if you're considering painting existing cabinets, I suggest doing your research and making sure to prep them well first.

  2. Yikes! Glad Sly's eye will be fine!
    And now I feel better that maria isn't potty trained yet haha

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival! The kids are all adorable. :)

  4. Congratulations on your newest baby!! I hope all is going well- I miss the Midwife Center!

    I love your bright kitchen. And Stella's artwork is SO cute :)