Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Anniversary

The in-laws have their 30th anniversary coming up. That's a pretty important one. My own parents only made it to twenty years. And when they got divorced, I think I was still too young (14) to realize that children sorta have a responsibility to "recognize" the date their parents got married. So I've really never put much thought into other people's anniversaries before. But now that I'm married and have a kid, it's time to act like a real adult on this matter!

We'd like to get Tom's parents something nice, but we're having a tough time thinking of the right gift. Tom has one sister, and she plans to go in on the cost of something with us. I really think the best bet would be to give them the gift of an "experience" rather than something material. We can't afford to send them on a trip anywhere...but maybe a day trip to do something fun? Something they've never done before, ideally. We had been thinking about getting them a hot air balloon ride. But we had Tom's sister "feel out the waters" on that idea by pretending that she and her boyfriend were thinking about it. And Tom's mom made it clear that she thought it sounded dangerous and scary. Soooo, we had to scratch that one.

They live near Philadelphia...there's got to be interesting things to do there, right? Or in nearby areas (The Pocono Mountains, NYC, Washington,, I don't really know anything about that end of the state!). If anyone has some suggestions, I'd really appreciate them!

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  1. Maybe a weekend at a romantic bed and breakfast? But if his parents are of a more adventurous type, that might be too quiet ...