Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I Love My Husband #1

He loves to play handyman around the house, and always feels so pleased with his accomplishments.

He works really hard at his job, not because he wants to succeed and get promoted, but because he feels it's his duty.

He calls me every day on his lunch break, because he knows it's important to me.

He encourages me to take nights out with "the girls."

He calls his parents on the phone just to talk.

He never knows where his own stuff is, and always has to ask me where he put his watch or his glasses.

He lets me watch How I Met Your Mother after dinner some nights, and doesn't complain about it.

He sits at the computer with Sly on his lap, showing him Youtube videos of planes taking off, explaining to Sly what is happening.


This post is inspired by the blog More Like Mary, More Like Me. As the author Kaitlin says,

"I absolutely can't stand when women complain about their husbands. It's one thing to have an actual problem in your marriage and seek the advice, counsel, and support of a good friend. It's another thing completely to trash the man you chose to marry and spend the rest of your life with. It's not acceptable. We need to be building up our husbands with everything we have within us, not cutting them down with hurtful comments to other women. Yes, they have faults. But we don't need to expose those faults to others. We don't need to go on and on about them.

Kimberly Hahn said that we should never speak badly of our husbands because we are one flesh. If we tear our husband down, we're really only hurting ourselves. I love that.

....every conversation we have with our married friends (and non-married friend for that matter) can either tear marriage down or build it up.....It's so easy to fall into the trap of complaining about marriage. It's so easy to let little comments slide without standing up for marriage. "Is Kaitlin gonna LET you go fishing today?" "Gee, Ted seems to be gone an awful lot." Do our conversations with others affirm their marriages? Are we supportive of the crosses they carry? Do we speak highly enough of our own marriage to serve as a witness to the beauty of this awesome sacrament?"


I think she's totally right, and I intend to join her "Why I Love My Husband" posts from time to time, to remind me of what a great guy I have!


  1. Love this! I remember my mom telling about Kimberly Hahn saying that. :) (Way before I ever met Keith, too, hehe.)

  2. i love this... really so wonderful to see love acted out. and affirmed. ^_^

  3. Awesome reasons!! I'm just now seeing that you joined in! And it's my first time to your blog-I love it!

    I gotta figure out a way to find out when new people start doing this so I can read all the awesomeness...