Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate chip banana bread

Ok, ok, I know it's Lent and I shouldn't be baking delicious things.

But, in my defense, the bananas were going to go bad if I didn't do something with them right away.  And after finding about ten black, shriveled bananas in the back of the freezer one time (hehehe), Tom has banned me from ever again freezing them.

Also, it's the Thursday between Ember Days!  Come on!  Fasting and partial abstinence yesterday, fasting and total abstinence tomorrow, and fasting and partial abstinence again on Saturday.  I need something to get me through it!   :-)

my lunch today


  1. It's a good use of the bananas and healthy ;-)

  2. Hey-ho, this is Karla. I've made a Blogspot mirror and this is primarily a test to see what it looks like.

    (BTW that looks like single serving size to me! ;) Do you ever put PB on banana bread? It's delicious.)

  3. This makes me laugh, because as I type this there ate probably 10 shriveled black bananas in the back of my freezer, and every once in a while my hubby asks if I'm ever going to use them! :P You're not alone!