Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Moments Back Home

1. For Lent, my husband and I have started praying a daily Rosary.  We had been really good about it for a long time, but when we moved to the new place in October, it just threw our schedule off, and we never picked it back up.  Lent is always a good time to renew your prayer life, so we've finally started this good habit again.

The other day, while we prayed, Sly insisted on sitting in my lap.  He was facing towards me, just sorta talking to himself most of the time.  When we reached the "Hail, Holy Queen" at the end, and spoke the line, "O Clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary...", I struck my breast three times, as you do.  Sly's eyes got wide, and a huge, delighted grin lit up his face.  Mommy was punching herself!  What fun!  He then began beating me with his own fists and laughing, which of course just caused me to crack up too.  Tom valiantly tried to keep leading his family in prayer, but I just couldn't get any more words out.

2. A couple nights ago, Tom had fallen asleep before me, as usual.  I was caught up in my re-reading of one of the Little House books, and couldn't put it down.  When I finally turned out the light, I slid over to snuggle my soundly-sleeping husband for a bit.  I was filled with a sudden gratitude for this wonderful man God had put in my life.  I just began thanking God for him, and realizing how amazing it was that He had made us both, and then brought us together to love each other.  As I'm in the midst of this rapture of loving feelings towards him, Tom suddenly snaps angrily, "Can you move over?!  I have, like SIX inches of the bed!!".  It was as he'd struck me.  I quickly rolled over to my side, trying very hard not to cry.  Of all the times that he had to be mean!

I was upset about it that night...but the next day, we were both laughing about it :-)


  1. LOL. I totally know that feeling! The one-way sweet moment. WE WERE HAVING A MOMENT IN MY BRAIN, AND YOU RUINED IT. I HATE YOU FOR FAILING TO READ MY MIND.

    I loved doing the triple strike during the Salve Regina but Gordon put the kibosh on it! He says that beating the breast is a penitential symbol and it is inappropriate during that part of the Salve because it is not a penitential phrase and we shouldn't be thinking of our own sins or unworthiness then; that people just do it for the rhythm; that if one wanted an appropriate place to beat one's breast in the Salve it would be earlier in the "poor banished" "mourning and weeping" section. He actually pulled rank on this one!

    (Karla, once again stymied by OpenID)

  2. I am so glad Sly is happy and well enough to "beat on you". While it is definitely true that we can be in the midst of feeling blessed by our husbands when they do something to spoil it, it's also true that sometimes we are feeling cranky towards them and they do something to make us realize how blessed we are ;-)