Monday, February 20, 2012

Mad Men

I hardly watch any television - I gave up on letting myself become attached to any particular shows years ago.  It just became too stressful when I had to miss an episode, and I hated how I was starting to organize my life around TELEVISION programs.  Dumb.  But from time to time, I do like to watch certain series once they have been released on DVD.  One of these is Mad Men - Tom introduced me to it, knowing I'd enjoy it.  And now I'm way more into it than he is.  I just drool over the 60s costumes and decor.  I love period pieces!  The story lines are well-written and dramatic, and the acting is high quality.

So, ever since my friend helped me finish making my silly "vintage" dress (from a 1957 Vintage Vogue pattern)...

and my mother-in-law gave me the awesome vintage "atomic" aqua and gold glasses...

which happen to match my vintage "atomic" aqua and gold chip-n-dip bowl...

and since I know Tom has his own appropriate 60's-esque attire...


The next season premieres in March.  And AMC is even offering a chance to win free "party packs" to help you host one (which look pretty cheesy, but there might be a few cool things in there).

But I have two problems:
1. We don't have cable.  So we can't watch it here.
2. NONE of our friends watch Mad Men!!

Bummer :-(


  1. Oh you can come to our house and bring those pretty glasses! :). We are big fans too...the countdown is on! Have you seen Downton Abbey (it's on PBS and you can catch up online for free!)? That show and Mad Men are my two ultimate favorites! :)

  2. LOVE Mad Men! And I agree with Grace, Downton Abbey is fabulous! They just had their season 2 finale last night and I'm already having withdrawals, lol

  3. Where did you find that pattern? I love it.

  4. In response to comments:
    YES! I watched Downtown Abbey season 1 on DVD, and really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to catch up on season 2 soon.

    The atomic pattern is one I first came across in an antique shop (the chip-and-dip bowl, which I got on sale for only $20). That one is made by the company "Blamo" (doesn't that sound so old-fashioned?). You can usually find things on eBay or similar sites online, but keep shopping around, because the prices vary widely.

  5. Well now you are someone after my own heart. My favorite era is the 1960s, even though I was a mere child at that time. I always gravitate towards 60s items. :)

  6. I love Mad Men! Like a lot of shows, I mainly watch for the costumes. I'm a sucker for vintage clothes:)

  7. I love the vintage stuff! My husband wasn't a fan of Mad Men though.

  8. i watch mad men! well, i've seen it all on netflix. we don't have cable either, so i'm always a season behind. adam isn't a fan though. he will only watch comedies. although...i think he's a secret fan of downton abbey. i always watch these things while ironing or crafting, and sometimes he migrates over to the couch to watch the rest of an episode with me, ha ha!

  9. I think that dress is beautiful and love all those vintage things. I haven't watched that show though. :-)

  10. We don't have cable either so it'll be soooo long until I'll be able to watch it! You should still have a party though.. it sounds like so much fun!