Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn Along (Say What?)

So this might be the one and only time I participate in a yarn-along.  Because I just no longer have the time or the patience for knitting.  But I knit a baby blanket for Sly while I was pregnant with him, and swore to myself then that I would do the same for all my future babies.  So here's what I have in progress.

The pattern is Sunny Baby Blanket, which I found on Ravelry.  And the yarn is knitpick's comfy worsted in Vinca.

I'm reading Christopher West's Theology of the Body for Beginners, for a book group I'm in with the Catholic Moms.  It's okay.  I've gained a few insights from it, but a lot of it is stuff I've heard before.  I don't really like his writing style.  I feel like he uses a lot of words without really saying much sometimes.  And it can get a little slow.  But the discussions it spawns at the meetings promise to be enlightening.

Yarn Along hosted at Small Things


  1. Your blanket is looking gorgeous already - I love the colour and the simplicity of the design is perfect.
    Enjoy the discussions.