Thursday, June 21, 2012


One of Sly's new favorite things is identifying "boo-boos" on people.  He's fascinated by cuts, scars, and band-aids. 

I should also mention that it's his new way of indicating any tiny little hurt that he experiences, even to the point of total exaggeration.  He gently bumps his head on something: "BOO-BOO!!!!" he whines.  But it's useful that he can actually communicate with us this way now.  Such as the other day, when he warned me about an impending diaper rash by repeated saying "pee-pee, boo-boo" and pointing at the area.

In his fervor to find every boo-boo on someone's body, though, he often makes mistakes: freckles, moles, smudges, pimples, etc. are all labeled as a boo-boo.  Now, everytime Sly has noticed and had the audacity to point out some pimple on my face that I was hoping only I was aware of, I've been quite content to let him refer to it as a mere "boo-boo".  But my dear husband decided he needed to be honest with our son.  So when Sly was fascinated by a rather large one on Tom's chin last week, Tom taught him to use the word "zit".  Awesome.  Sly is still gleefully pointing out Daddy's "zit" (which is gone by now) every day.

So my big fear - and I KNOW it's just a matter of time before this happens - is that he's going to embarrass the crap out of some poor friend or family member by loudly and repeatedly pointing out every one of their "zits" now...


  1. Bahaha! That will be really embarrassing, but it's also kind of hilarious.

  2. lol! I agree, that's hilarious. I would think you could get him to forget it quickly by saying "you're right, a boo-boo" every time he says zit? Although, if Tom's not on board that won't work. Besides, I've been embarrassed once or twice before by a child pointing out my "boo-boo" and asking how I got it, when it was actually a zit... so maybe it doesn't matter what he calls it anyway!

  3. I know what you mean. I suffer from rosacea and my little one is always pointing to my face and saying "boo-boo". I try not to let it bother me. I've even had other children point it out. I say to them that this is how God made me. Even though it is sometimes a little embarrasing when my littlest points out my "boo-boos", he always gives my face kisses to make them "all better", so it's all good! : ) Children are just so observant. (I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been a follower for a little while now and enjoy reading!)