Friday, July 20, 2012

Ring Bearing

I mentioned that one of my brothers is getting married next month.  He asked us recently if Sly could be a "ring bearer."  Now, usually, I think flower girls and ring bearers are kinda silly and unnecessary.  And it's not a traditional part of a Catholic wedding. 

That being said...when it's my own little man doing the job...I find myself much more supportive of the idea!  And I think it has the potential to be SUPER adorable.  Maybe.  Assuming he's not in a bad mood or acting too willful.  Which, at two years old, is pretty common these days.

My mom will be escorting him, and he will not be trusted with the actual rings.  We'll see how it goes..


  1. good luck! can't wait to see some pics!!

  2. He will be adorable! We had a ring bearer and a flower girl for our wedding and just their cuteness factor made it all worth it. :) I am positive Sly will do a great job. :)

  3. My sister-in-law's little brother, who was just about Sly's age, was ringbearer for their wedding, and while it was very cute, it was also extremely, extremely slow. He was carrying a teddy bear that had the rings sewn to it, and when he realized everyone was looking at him, taking pictures etc, he went sloooooooooowly down the isle, mugging every step of the way. Like, take one step, grin, turn from side to side, take another step, bend over grinning, hug the bear, etc. It was an extremely short aisle and I think it took ten minutes, and that's with his mom trying to hurry him along. He also almost turned around and ran back down the aisle several times.

    I kinda think ring bearers and flower girls should be a minimum of 5, with 7 and 8 being ideal. We had a flower girl and she was 7. At that age, they are still cute, but they can behave, and they don't completely shut everything down. Plus, seven-year-olds usually have their own First Communion outfit and thus their mom/dad doesn't have to get another outfit for them.

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