Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 16)

1. I've been typing out my birth story in small chunks.  Hopefully, it will be done and posted in another few days...

2. After Sly was born, my body went back to looking pretty much the way it did pre-pregnancy within a few days.  Within a week, all my normal clothes fit me again.  [Well...mostly.  Skirts/pants and shirts fit fine.  Dresses were a different story, since they're cut to be fitted over the chest, and were all suddenly comically too small in that area].  I guess it was naive of me to assume that my body would have the same amount of "elasticity" the second time around....This probably sounds dumb, but I was pretty surprised (and dismayed) to see that after Stella was born, I still looked pregnant!

Yeah.  See what I'm saying?
Every day since, I have to ask Tom, "so how many months pregnant do I look now?"  The belly is slowly creeping down.  I'm hoping it disappears enough that I get a chance to wear some of my fun non-elastic-banded summer skirts before it gets cold.

3. I finished Stella's baby blanket!  In the hospital, two days after she was born.  haha.  I was aiming to have it done by her due date, but she came five days early.  I didn't bother blocking it or anything, since I'm lazy about my knitting that way.

I'll soon have to find out how it stands the test of the washing machine.  It'll never look this nice again!

4. A very generous blog-reader, Katrina, sent me some adorable handmade bows for Stella.  I love having a girl to dress up now!!  I can't wait until she has a little more hair.

Bows for many different occasions and holidays!

The little snail is one of my favorites

5. My birthday was last week, and I received a few gifts that I'm pretty excited about. My mom got me this beautiful tapestry that I've been eyeing for months now.  It's hanging it our living room.

Tom gave me a pretty print of a sailing ship, a board game I've always wanted (Labyrinth), and a NoseFrida to use on the kids (Click the link if you've never heard of it!  It's a thrill.  But I told Tom he needs to try it out first, so I can be sure it really really isn't as gross as it looks).

6.  Tom has been trying to turn Sly into a fan of what he calls "good music." So for a couple months now, Tom will act all excited and ask Sly if he wants to listen to "Johann Sebastian Bach!!", to which any toddler would, of course, answer yes.  And Tom often shows him Youtube videos of musicians actually playing the instruments, so that Sly can learn which ones make what sounds, etc. (I think it's a little ambitious, but cute to watch).  Anyways, the other night, Sly indicated that he wanted us to turn on the stereo, which he does often.  Tom asked what Sly wanted to listen to, and the response was "Gock!" [Bach, for those of you who don't speak Sly].  His first musical request.  Tom was so proud. 

And then last night, we were scanning through stations on the radio, and passed the classical station.  Hearing about 0.5 seconds of classical music, Sly shouted, "Gock!!".  It was actually Haydn, but hey - close enough.  It was pretty adorable.  So we put that station back on for him.

7. Stella is getting baptized next weekend, with the traditional Latin rite, which is pretty cool because they do an exorcism first.  So no unclean spirits in my baby - yeah! 

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  1. Yay for baby pictures! I can't wait to hear the birth story! I might have just laughed for half a second about the baby exorcism :).

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I love how your shirt, Tom's mom's shirt, and the baby bathtub all match you kitchen in that first picture.

    The blanket looks great! I'm sure Stella didn't mind it being a little late :)

    And those bows are adorable! I'm a big fan of the elephant.

    Also, I think it is really awesome that Sly requests Bach.

    I can't wait to meet Stella! Chuckie definitely can't come for the baptism... I'm considering coming out by myself. We'll see.

  3. I think I curse my body every day when sweating gallons at the gym and doing a million crunches. I thought it would go back faster this time around, too. Definitely not happening. But, hey, at least I have two adorable kids to show for it. lol

    Stella is so sweet! I am sure you are excited about her baptism. Such an awesome sacrament!

  4. You are making me nervous! I didn't get back into my old size until, like, four or five months post-partum. Of course, since then I've dropped to a lower size than my old size... but man I took FOREVER to start losing weight. I have a friend who had a baby a week after I did. The first time we saw each other post-partum, she was wearing this adorable little dress and didn't look like she had ever been pregnant. This was at like four weeks PP for her.

    Stella is soooo cute. I have definite baby fever now. It's worth looking pregnant.

  5. Stella is too precious!! I love the hair bows. :)

    And I totally looked pregnant for a couple weeks after Michael was born, so I can't imagine what it'll be like for future babies ... lol.