Thursday, August 9, 2012

No-Heat Headband Curls!!

So I first heard about this amazing idea a while back from Calah's wonderful blog Barefoot and Pregnant.  A super-simple, no-curlers-necessary way to curl your hair while you sleep.  

 I love when my hair is curled, but it's soooo thick and pretty long, so curling it with hot rollers or a curling iron literally takes me about two hours.  Very rarely worth it!!

I've been dying try this new method since I saw how well it worked for Calah.  I need to get away from my perpetual summer hairdo of "big bun on the top of my head, bangs pinned back, and every strand of hair kept from touching my neck and making me sweat", especially since I have my bro's wedding this Saturday.

Try googling things like "no-heat curls" or "headband curls" and you will find a number of little tutorials.  I watched several of them before I attempted it myself.  Basically, it's as simple as this: you twist sections of hair around a headband that sits on the crown of your head, and then you go to sleep.  And your hair doesn't even need to be wet or have any product in it!  When you wake up in the morning, you have a beautiful head of curls!

Here was my trial run from this morning:

Not wearing any makeup yet.  Proof that me and my blog-readers are tight like that.

My hair is, as I mentioned, crazy thick, so the curls bulked up a lot more at the bottom than they did on most of the ladies in the videos....I think it might look better if I pinned some of the curls up on Saturday to help even out the relative flatness of the hair on top.

Let me know if you give it a try!


  1. That looks really nice! But do the curls stay in all day?

    And I know what you mean about just wearing a bun all the time... that's partly why I got mine cut... so far I'm 2/4 on not wearing it in a ponytail this week!

  2. So pretty! I wonder if my hair is long enough to try this...