Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 18)

I got a hair cut this week.  It was mostly just a trim of the split ends.  I like my hair long, and Tom has made his disgust towards the idea of a "mom haircut" (defined by him as anything shoulder-length or above) very adamantly and abundantly clear.  But the stylist showed me a neat little trick for helping my constantly-falling-in-my-eyes swoopy bangs to stay to the side a little better.  You pull them over to the side you want them on, and then backcomb them underneath.  It does seems to help.  Give it a try!

After two years, Sly finally started referring to our cats by name.  But it took us a while to figure out that's what he was saying.  He calls Iive (pronounced "ee-vay")  "Ah-bye" and our cat Lance is "Niet" (yes, like the Russian word).  He still doesn't use the terms "cat" or "kitty" as a more general reference, though.  Instead he calls each of them a "mow" [meow].  For example, Sly sees one of us walking down the basement stairs, and yells out "mow! poop!", since that's where - you guessed it - the litter box is.


This one is self-explanatory

I've started running again!  For years, during college, I was a daily runner.  But basically from the moment I found out I was pregnant with Sly, I dropped the habit.  I've only run a handful of times since then.  But because there's an annual 10K race coming up very soon that I have participated in for seventeen years straight and CANNOT miss, I decided that I want to at least get the worst of the pain and cramping out of the way now so that I'm not completely incapacitated next weekend.  So I've been shlepping around with the cumbersome double-jogging-stroller, and experiencing the fun of having to prepare three people to go on a run - getting everyone properly fed, clothed, changed, and timing the whole thing just right to minimize crying - several times a week.

I must add that on days that I run in the morning, I feel much happier throughout the day.  I remember I always used to say running made me happier, but I forgot that it really does.

Sly was working on Legos silently for a long time, then turned to me and said "choo-choo!".  He actually did make a choo-choo.  I love the enormous smokestack!  It makes me kinda proud, because this is the first time he's ever made something that looked like....something.

Maybe I'm sheltered or something, but this incident surprised me...

So my husband often tells me incredulously about how many people from his office - even the ones who make just slightly over minimum wage - go out to lunch every day, spending about an hour's wages each time.  The other day, he was talking to some of them, trying to convince them of how much cheaper it would be for them to pack a lunch.  I guess the responses were pretty noncommittal, with people saying they don't have time, etc.  So Tom said, "well what kinds of things do you usually eat for dinner?" and after receiving their answers, said, "it's easy.  Just throw the leftovers in a tupperware, and take it to work the next day."  The response he got?  "Ewww!  That's disgusting!  I do NOT eat leftovers!!"

Are you kidding me?  I asked Tom what his co-workers did with leftovers, and Tom says with a look of shock, "they throw them away."  Is this normal?

Ummm....Ok, I can't think of one more right now, and Stella is screaming at me, and I have an apple with caramel apple dip (a seasonal item at Aldi right now!) waiting for me...Sorry.

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  1. My sister-in-law doesn't really eat leftovers, whereas they were a normal occurrence in our house growing up. It took some time from both my mom and brother to convince her that my brother would actually be *happy* to eat leftovers for lunch at work. So weird to me to throw them away. (Not that we ever have leftovers at our house now, as Jon and I are such gluttons!)

  2. That is just nutty about people not eating leftovers! I PURPOSELY make too much food at night so that my hubby (and possibly myself)have food for lunch the next day. Imagine $8.00 a day x 20 days a month = $160.00 (and that's with no eating out on the weekends!). That savings alone pays our cable/internet/phone bill each month. Some people are just crazy!

  3. I try to avoid making too much food so I can avoid dinner left overs, but if we have enough of something left over to make up a meal I'll wrap it up and someone will eat it for lunch. If we eat out I always get leftovers boxed up so we can eat it the next day. I don't like to toss perfectly good food.

  4. I can't get over the amount of food I see people just throwing into the garbage. Crazy. My roommates in college seemed to be the worst offenders. They'd never take food home if we went out for a special occasion (but I'd jump at their leftovers), and whenever they were finished eating, they'd pile their plates in the sink, still full of food (and run water over the pile of plates, soaking the leftovers (once an entire piece of chocolate cake!).

  5. #5: You gotta love endorphin boosts!

  6. Wow--good for you for being able to run now! Did you end up getting an entry for the race or are you just running anyway? Are you running the race with Sly and Stella, too?

    That's weird about the leftovers. A lot of people I work with bring leftovers, or else they bring a sandwich and veggies/fruit like I do. Granted, going out for lunch isn't really an option (do-able, but it would have to be fast food and you'd probably have to eat in the car).

  7. Yeah, didn't get an official entry, but am running anyways. The kids won't be joining, because there's a "no stroller" rule.

  8. I never really liked leftovers, but I force myself to eat 'em if we have 'em so as not to waste money. I much prefer going out to lunch, but with 2 kids in daycare, that will probably turn into a once a month treat. I try not to make enough to have leftovers, both so they don't get lost in the fridge and therefore wasted, and so my husband doesn't over eat.

  9. Oh, I found u through quick takes! Cute, cute baby! We have the same car seat :-)

  10. I never liked leftover nights growing up, but now that I have to do the cooking, I love them! Adam is the only one of his co-workers that regularly packs his lunch. They have a cafeteria in his office that's pretty reasonably priced, but it's still more expensive than pb & j. We always have sandwiches at lunch so we can have the leftovers at dinner time. I love only having to cook (usually) every other night during the week!