Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 19)

Every time I make rice, I SWEAR afterwards that I'll never ever ever serve it to a toddler again.

because look what happens!!
 I make it in a rice steamer, so it's always very very sticky.  It's impossible to sweep up.  For days afterwards, I'm constantly pulling little grains of it off the bottoms of my feet.

And yet...I continue cooking it, always telling myself, "maybe it will be ok this time"  (but no, it never is).

Last week, we went to see replicas of Columbus' ships, the Nina (too lazy to figure out how to do the little accent over the 'n') and the Pinta.  It was pretty cool to have the city skyline in the background.

love my Moby wrap!  Also, see!  Pittsburgh DOES get blue skies sometimes!

One of my uncles, knowing that I'm "really religious", occasionally gives me Catholic items that he inherited from my grandparents (holy cards, medals, etc.).  Last time I saw him, he gave me a full holy water bottle which is labeled "St. Anne Water".  No one in the family has a clue what it is or where it came from.  The best I can come up with (through a Google search, of course), is that perhaps it came from this well?  If anyone else has a better idea, please do let me know.

Unfortunately, I have terrible teeth.  I have had 30 cavities (yes, that's more cavities than I have teeth in my mouth.  I swear I do brush my teeth regularly!), two root canals, and a couple crowns.  Ugh.  I have never once gone to the dentist and had them tell me "everything looks good!".

So when I went there earlier this week, I pretty much expected something to be wrong...but not this.  Okay, a little backstory first: during this past pregnancy, I didn't really have any cravings for a particular food.  Instead, it was for ice.  I munched on ice constantly throughout the last trimester.  I'm sure the 90+ degree weather and our stifling hot house contributed to my desire for something so satisfyingly cold.  But apparently (so says my scandalized dentist), it is VERY BAD to chew on ice.  And by doing this, I managed to break two of my teeth.  And now both have cavities (underneath the old fillings that were already there).  And my dentist wants to put crowns on them, which I am told insurance is unlikely to pay for.  Awesome.

I got invited to a bridal shower recently.  The invitation was very well-done and obviously took a lot of effort to put together.  But I was surprised to see that it asked guests to send in their RSVP *by text* to the bride's mother.  Whoa.  That is the first time - but I'm sure not the last - I have seen that.  The times, they are a-changin'...

Ohhhhh yeah!  Look what I finally got to try!

Raw milk!  I've read so many good things about it, and have been wanting to get some for a long time.  But last year, I was having a heck of a time finding any for sale (I guess there are a lot of legal issues surrounding it).  Once I finally knew where to buy some, I was pregnant again, and it's recommended that you not drink it while pregnant, because your immunity is down and you have a higher risk of getting sick.  Ha - I'm really doing a great job selling people on this stuff, huh?  Anyways, just Google "raw milk" (which means that it's unpasteurized) if you're curious to know it's many supposed benefits.

I've been wondering how if it would taste different.  It's very rich.  Though it's whole milk, so that's to be expected.  But there was another quality to the "richness" that's hard to explain.  It reminded me of malted milk - it had a sweetness with a lot of "body" to it, if that makes sense.  There was a definite flavor there that's not present in regular store-bought milk.  But I can't say for sure if that's due to the fact that this milk is unpasteurized, or because it comes from cows which are exclusively grass-fed (which I doubt to be the case with other milk I drink).

Stella got pooped on by a bird the other day!  I'm not even sure when it happened.  It could only have been during the five second walk from the car to the house.  The worst part, though, is that I didn't even notice it for several hours!  She was sleeping in the car seat when I brought her in.  I wasn't foolish enough to want to wake her up, so I just set the seat on the floor.  Three hours later when I decided I should get her up to feed her, I noticed the milky white goop all over her left cheek and arm, and the inside of the carseat.  Oooops.

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  1. My in-laws live in Saudi Arabia and they say the beef there tastes way, way different because the feed is different. I think they don't get any grass? Anyway, I concur that that probably affected the taste of the milk. Now I want to try raw milk!

  2. You need a dog to clean up the rice ;-)

  3. Re: the rice- my hubby refuses to even attempt to clean up toddler rice until after it gets dry and crunchy. Isn't that gross? Thank God for dogs...

    And about the ice thing, usually that's a sign of an iron deficiency (so many pregnant women demanding the ice, including myself!), so perhaps if there's a baby #3 someday, you could ask about that to save yourself some of the toothy yuck.

    Wow. I sure am eloquent today...

  4. I agree with Dwija with the iron deficiency thing! I also have HORRIBLE teeth :( They say the pregnancy only makes them worse! With the bird poo I have heard that it is good luck to be pooped on by a birdie! So Stella will be a very luck girl :)

  5. ohh! Thanks for the info, ladies, about chewing ice and iron deficiencies. In fact, the midwife had told me I was right "on the line" for being anemic. I, unfortunately, didn't really do much about it, though. But yes, if I get pregnant again, I definitely need to watch this!

  6. The "scientific" name for non-food pregnancy cravings is pica. My friend craved ice and laundry detergent. Fortunately, she was sane enough to know better than to actually follow through with the detergent, but she REALLY wanted it. And she snacked on cup-fulls of ice every day. At least that's better than matches or mothballs... or plaster :)

  7. Ooo I've always wanted to try raw milk...but yeah, thought I should wait until I'm not pregnant anymore:) I saw some for the first time in person recently and it looked soooo gooood.

  8. We had the same problem with rice and I always swore the same thing. Its one of my kids favorite foods though so I keep on making it. And Raw Milk is the Best!

  9. Christine- I've been drinking raw milk since I was little. There are many nutritional benefits and it is an excellent source of protein and fat for nursing mothers. I drink it during pregnancy and it has never done me any harm. We get it from a certified and safe dairy farm in New Castle, PA. My parents personally know the farmer and a local store in the North Hills that sells his milk. Let me know if you want me to get you this info.