Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our House Tour Part 6: The Library

Tom and I have two chief complaints about the house we live in.  1. We have no yard WHATSOEVER.  This one can't be changed. 2. We have no dining room.  But we've recently been talking about amending this...

Right now, we eat at a tiny table in the kitchen.  With just our little family, we are already very cramped for meals, especially when we set out all the serving dishes and condiments we need.  It also means that we are never able to have friends or family over for dinner, as we'd like to.  But I proposed the idea that we could convert our living room (right next-door to the kitchen) into a dining room (we'd have to find a bigger table), and our upstairs "library" into the living room.  We've hashed out most of the logistics, and it seems like it's a project that's in store for us down the road.  So I wanted to share a few pictures of our cozy little library before it gets broken up!

Peeking into the doorway from the office

Tom's manly black couch from his bachelor days with his manly "Roman dudes" pictures above I think the room looks a lot different in daytime and the evening.  In the evening, it's much cozier.

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That stack of "too old and fragile to touch" books on top of the shelf is one of the banes of my existence right now!  I need to get on Tom's case again about DOING something with them (I'm hoping it involves giving them to someone else).

Lots o' books

A close-up of one of our many bookshelf knock-knacks: an antique glass holy water bottle that used to belong to my Gram

Fancy gold brocade curtains (not "too" fancy, though: the fabric's from Joann's)

Our one bookshelf made from "real" wood and not cheap-o composite stuff

My cozy reading corner.  There's a shelf of non-board-book kids' books on the right.  Zither on the wall over the chair.


  1. Love it ... I hope that someday we can have a library! (Even if it has to be combined with another room like an office or something.)

  2. What an awesome room! I think that I particularly like it because a.) you can tell that it's for adults only and b.) it's filled with books. (oh and c. because I can see your Harry Potter books in there :) - I love HP! I'm slightly jealous because we've had to donate so many books recently due to lack of space. I miss them hanging around!