Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our House Tour Part 3: The Office

I mentioned that our new place has two extra bedrooms.  After first signing the lease, we had toyed with the idea of turning one into a library, and the second into a cozy family room.  After visiting the house again, though, we realized that the logistics for the living room idea just weren't going to work out.  We ended up turning that room into an office/"Christine's work room" (Tom's workroom is pretty much the entire basement - with the exception of my nice carpeted little laundry section -  where he keeps all his dirty tools, and grease-covered man stuff).

I took these pictures in the late afternoon when the light was dim, AND I think Sly had been playing with my camera and smudged the lens again.  So the quality of the photos is pretty poor.  But I didn't feel like re-taking them all.  Sorry, folks.  Here they are anyways...

Check out that beautiful hammered tin ceiling!  It's painted white, which means a lot of people don't notice it right away.  But it's still beautiful.  So glad this has been left in the house all these years.
I rescued these wooden shutters from the trash pile at our cottage.  They used to adorn all the windows there, but several years ago, we replaced them.  These ones had a lot of sentimental value for me, though.  So I spent hours cutting them shorter, sanding them to perfection, and painting them a shade of blue that *almost* matches the original color.  Also notice how my ironing board is conveniently ALWAYS OUT which means that now I do much more ironing!

A craft cabinet!  Papers, paints, crayons, ribbons, flower-pressing implements, jewelry-making stuff, my wax egg materials...and my knitting stuff all in a crate on top.

In one corner, I have three laundry baskets.  One is for clothes that need to be ironed, one for things needing to be mended, and the other for things needing to go to the dry cleaner.  This is so much better than my old system where all these things ended up in one basket, and then I had no idea what was what!

My own sewing desk!  This has proved invaluable, as I've been having to make so many curtains and other things recently.  And the drawers are great to stash all my materials.  The pretty chair came from Goodwill for $7.

Computer desk back in the corner, and some plastic shelving for all our office-type stuff.

We also keep the changing table here, since we wanted it on the second floor.  Notice that huge expanse of open white wall?  Very boring.  Tom and I have some crafty ideas for decorating it, though.  Maybe in time, I will have a nice project to share on here.

The closet stores board games, puzzles, fancy dresses :-)


  1. You are giving me serious house envy. We're pretty lucky to have found an affordable 2BR in Vancouver, but I can't help thinking of how much easier my life would be if I had more space--especially for laundry!

  2. your office looks so dreamy! and that ceiling? whoa! your house seems in such good condition compared to so many rentals i've seen in pittsburgh (of course, i am usually looking in student-y areas, but still, wow!)