Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Make-Your-Own Cloth Diapers

From time to time, I've come across people on the internet who make their own cloth diapers, and I always wondered the same thing: don't they have tons of leakage and wicking issues, since they seem to be using just regular cotton fabrics without a waterproof liner?

Well, whether that was actually the case or not, it won't be an issue anymore.  On my most recent trip to Joann's Fabrics, I noticed a new section in the store:  cloth diaper-making accessories!!  Everything they have right now is made by the same company, Babyville.  I didn't study the things for very long, so I'm not sure if  the materials are intended for making all-in-one diapers (with an absorbent liner built right in), or just the covers which would go on top of the actual diaper.

I doubt I'll ever actually decide to make cloth diapers at home, but it makes me happy to see those materials available.  It's a sign that more people are choosing cloth which, as my readers know, I totally think is the right decision.

Check out a few of the cute materials they make:
The book that teaches you all the sewing methods

 Snaps that come in many different colors (they also make velcro for the closures)
 Some cute waterproof fabrics
I love dinosaurs for little boys :-)


  1. The book tells you how to make all types of cloth diapers, including AIOs, plain PUL covers, etc. It's pretty cool! I've been making newborn size dipes using their pattern & materials for my little girl on the way.

  2. One little clarification--there is no waterproof "liner". You use a waterproof cover. It can be separate (saves money as you can re use the cover a few times before washing), or it can be an AIO. You can also use wool covers, which are awesome.
    Why would a cloth diaper made by a mom leak more than one made by a "company"? Aren't the diapers you bought made with cotton/bamboo/hemp/fleece too? Why would we make them if they leak? LOL.
    If you really want to get green, you can also make your own feminine pads from the same materials!
    And, many of us DO wash our diapers with our regular laundry. I use Tide Free and have never had any trouble. No matter what soap/detergent you use, the key is to make sure the rinse water is clear and there's no bubbles. I'm super lazy, LOL, but I will do several (hot or at least warm) rinse cycles.
    Sending more positive energy for Sly. There's many of us who are rooting for him!