Monday, November 7, 2011

Our House Tour Part 1: The Hallways

After two weeks in the new place, we finally have enough stuff unpacked that I can begin showing you some of the rooms.  The first stop on the tour will be the hallways - not so much for their symbolic status as the "room" which ties together all the other rooms - but because they are pretty much the only part we have fully unpacked and decorated!  Remember that we're renting the place, which explains the blindingly white walls everywhere.

 First floor entry

Inside the front door.  Umbrellas in an antique bronze spitoon.
This statue used to be in our backyard.  Now we don't have a yard at all, so she'll watch the front hall for us instead.

Lovely woodwork on the banister.

The cats eat in the hall, and there's usually a baby gate on the doorway to keep *someone's* little hands out of their food.

I love actually having space for our coats now!  The bins on the shelf are from IKEA.  One for hats, one for scarves, one for gloves.

 Second Floor
St. Therese at the top of the stairs

More lovely woodwork.
Family photos on the wall

My beautiful washstand outside the bathroom door.  I bought this years and years ago at a garage sale for $25.  It's been sitting in my old room at my dad's house, just waiting until I lived somewhere big enough to fit it!  Behind it you can also see some curtains I made, but the sun totally washes them out.
A close-up of the curtains

Third Floor
We keep a laundry basket on both landings.  Very handy.  And you can see my bottle of Shout for attacking stains right away!
Our view of the city, right outside our bedroom door :-)

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