Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Kisses

Sly loves to give kisses.  He kisses Mommy and Daddy all the time.  And his kisses are pretty funny.  He comes at you with a wide-open mouth, and makes a sound like, "aaah". Also, when he's not smacking him and pulling his fur, he can be very sweet with our cat Lance (the one one who lets Sly near him).  He snuggles into his fur and gives him kisses.  He also kisses the statue of Mary in the front hall (I only showed him that one time, and now he does it all the time!), and the picture of baby Jesus in his bedroom.  And he also kisses his reflection whenever he looks in a mirror.  SO CUTE.  He's very affectionate sometimes, or as Tom says, "mushy."

Earlier this evening, the three of us were sitting together on the couch.  Sly spontaneously gave each of us a kiss.  Then Tom and I leaned over and kissed one another too.  Though Sly has seen us kiss dozens of times, he somehow thought that this time was hilarious.  Laughing, he grabbed Tom by the ear, and me by my hair (ow!), and jerked our faces together to make us kiss again.  So we kissed, and Sly started laughing even harder.  He then made us kiss this way over and over, cracking up the whole time.

It sounded something like this: "Ow!" (Tom and I yelling as we got yanked by the hair, the ear, or  - a few times for me - the earring)... "mmwah!" (making a silly kissing noise)...and then laughter from all three of us.

It was a very sweet little moment :-)

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