Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Funny Little Man

1. Tom and I have noticed lately that when we put Sly to bed at night, his tummy looks REALLY fat.  Then when he wakes up in the morning, he's thin again.  I guess it's because he eats all day long.  So I measured his circumference to see what the difference is, and it's three whole inches!  That's a lot for such a tiny little person!

2. Sly has become increasingly badly behaved at Mass.  This morning, he was drinking a sippy cup of milk in my lap, which was keeping him momentarily complacent.  But then it ran out.  So he grunted angrily, and chucked his cup through the air.  It smacked the head of the little boy in front of us (who looked back, very startled), bounced up into the air again, and traveled forward two more pews!  Tom was MAAA-AAAD!!  ...But I secretly thought it was kinda hilarious ;-)

3. This evening, we were playing Ravel's Bolero loudly over the stereo.  Sly was really digging it, and was bopping, swaying, and nodding his head to the music.  Very cute. 

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