Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween Costumes

We all had to dress up this year since we were invited to a party at my aunt's house on Saturday.  Had Tom and I not been totally distracted and stressed by all the moving and unpacking in the week before Halloween, I know we would have tried to put together another family-themed costume.  Alas.

Sly's lion suit was chosen from four (yes, I said FOUR) store-bought costumes that we own in his current size (if you're wondering who to call "crazy" for that excessive purchase, the answer is my mom).  He also has a giraffe, a St. Bernard (the dog) and a monkey suit.  But the lion fit him best, and looked pretty cute.  Since Sly's costume was already decided, Tom and I would have wanted to base our theme off of that.  Most likely, we would have done a Wizard of Oz theme.  I would have been Dorothy, of course, and Tom the Scarecrow (since it's easier to put together than a Tinman costume!).  If I had just had a week to put it together, it would have happened.  Ah well.  Maybe some other year.

Things came together pretty well, considering that the two of us didn't even start looking for something to wear until a couple hours before the party.  I donned cat ears and tail from a previous Halloween.  Tom got a fortuitous last-minute text from a friend, asking if he wanted to borrow the sweet Kool-Aid man costume he (the friend) had worn last year.  Check that thing out: it's homemade from plastic cups and spray paint!

 Here's Tom and Sly, about to head out trick-or-treating on Monday night.  Originally, we weren't going to take Sly, figuring he was still too young.  But I think we were just excited about the thrill of having a KID to share holiday traditions with now!  Tom says Sly just seemed really confused at every door they went to, but that all the people thought he was adorable.  And it was a great way for Tom to meet some of our new neighbors.  So I guess it was a success.

Here we are, forty minutes later, looking over all the great treats he brought home.  We already confiscated the ones that aren't baby-appropriate, like the M&Ms.  And this morning, I had to hide the pumpkin bucket from Sly, because he remembered what yummy things were inside it, and just kept pointing at it and crying "ee-die! ee-die!", refusing to eat his breakfast.

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