Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Back! And Making Curtains

Well, we finally have internet back after a week+ without it, because of the move. I must admit, it was actually pretty nice not having the constant distraction of the internet at home. I basically can't even walk past the room with a computer without going over to "check my e-mail real quick." It's bad.

So without the ability to waste hours in that way, I've been able to spend my free time unpacking, decorating, and sewing sewing sewing.

The house we moved into has fifteen windows. With nary a curtain, curtain rod, or blind. Not wanting the whole neighborhood looking in at us, we spent the weeks leading up to the move in a feverish hunt for curtains that were affordable. After much stress, and many stupid arguments, we finally came to the conclusion that there's no such thing. Curtain cost a FORTUNE! Most of the time, they are sold one panel at a time. You need at least two panels per window. Four, if you intend to put up sheers underneath with heavier colored curtains on the top. And then two sets of rods, of course. The very cheapest panels you see are around $12 for the very poorly-made ones. Up to $30-$40 for nicer ones. And I'm shopping at the "cheap" stores*! Thrift stores weren't really an option, since most of the rooms have multiple windows, and thus need matching curtains (another point on which Tom and I had to battle).

It was getting very frustrating, so we started looking for alternatives. With my newly-acquired - yet minimal - knowledge of my sewing machine (which, until a couple weeks ago, has sat untouched in the basement for the two years since I got it for Christmas), I decided I might try my hand at making curtains myself. That is, if it wasn't too expensive. So we headed off to JoAnn's...

Turns out it's WAY cheaper to go that route. It's still going to cost a lot of money for us, outfitting so many windows (a number of which needs the four-curtain deal). But it will end up being a much better deal than buying pre-made ones. Plus, there are so many more choices for fabric and patterns, length and width....I love that I can customize them however I like!

Sorry to have to write this whole post without including any photos of my work. My hope is that in another week or so, the house will be more pulled-together, and I can start a little series on here, showing one room at a time. Pictures are coming, I promise!

And on that note...Tomorrow: Halloween photos!

*Cheap stores: IKEA, Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots, Target, etc.

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  1. i am glad you are going with curtains and not just cheap looking vinyl blinds! i HATE the standard blinds in our apartment. they are impossibly hard to dust and just not pleasing to look at. i'm excited about your home tour series!

    p.s. sly was SUCH a cute little lion. happy halloween!