Friday, October 14, 2011


I did it! I purchased the gorgeous LIFESIZE Christ child in manger! It's on backorder until December 15th, so I might get it *just* in time for Christmas. And it pretty much wiped out my entire stash of two-years-worth of Christmas/birthday money. But I think it will be worth it.


Now I can stop worrying about Christmas for a bit, and start thinking about the upcoming holiday, Halloween. Recently, Tom and I have been in no mood to discuss costume ideas, since the packing and moving has been pretty time-consuming and stressful. But we've been invited to a couple parties, so something's going to have to be pulled together. I like the idea of doing a themed family costume, like last year.

A family of street performers: Tom is an organ grinder, I'm a gypsy, and Sly is a performing monkey

But it's hard to come up with an idea that has "two big somethings" and "one little something." So we might just each do our own thing. But I don't know what! Anything we could pull together or make from items we already own would be ideal. I LOVE the idea of Sly being something that would require us to (or at least just give us an excuse to) draw a mustache on him. Because HOW adorable would that be?! Any ideas?


  1. Go as the the Marx Brothers! Sly can be Groucho. Give him a candy cigar, if they still make those.

  2. This is our idea, but we're not doing it this year (we're not doing anything this year, most likely) and you can totally use it.

    Parents: farmers. Plaid shirts, suspenders/overalls, straw hat, etc.

    Babies/children: Pumpkins, carrots, flowers, and other kinds of things from a farm.

    I think it would be really cute to do if you have a bunch of kids doing it. Like, a 5 year old flower, a 2 year old pumpkin, and a newborn in a carrot costume. :D

  3. You and Tom could be pirates and Sly a parrot or You could be a princess, Tom the Prince and Sly the frog (that you kiss to turn into the Prince)

  4. your halloween costumes last year were genius! sly was an adorable little monkey.

    hmm, you could be peanuts characters? like charlie brown, lucy and snoppy?