Monday, October 3, 2011

Moving Soon

We spent the past four days up at my Cottage on Lake Erie. It was a nice little getaway, and chance to relax. Even when we did nothing but sit around, it was so much nicer than just sitting around at home. Because at home, you always feel guilty that you are sitting around, instead of cleaning something, or fixing something...

The first two days, it was just me, the hubby, and the babyman. Then on Friday, we were joined by six of our friends. The weather was pretty terrible - cold and rainy the whole time. It was pretty miserable even going outside (which is usually a big part of what we do there). But it made me feel a little better to hear that everyone back in Pittsburgh was experiencing even MORE cold and rain than us!

While up there, we got the news that our application for a house (rental) we had looked at last week was APPROVED! This means that in just a couple weeks, we are going to start the laborious and much-dreaded task of transferring our entire household across the city to the new place. Definitely exciting, but oh-so-stressful.

The new place is going to have more space. The downstairs is just a kitchen and a living room, as we have now. But the living room is definitely bigger. Upstairs is where the real room is. There will be FOUR bedrooms, instead of the two we have now. So the current plan is for us all to sleep on the third floor. Then we can turn one extra room on the second floor into an informal family room (where we can have the tv, the computer, Sly's toys, etc.), and the other one into a library (something Tom and I have dreamed about for ages). Being able to shut the door, and finally stop Sly from ripping all the books off the shelves (we have seven bookshelves. There is no way to block them all from a baby!) ten times a day will be invaluable.

But if we're to go through with this plan of having a downstairs living room (which needs a new record-player/stereo-containing piece of furniture), an upstairs family room (which needs a new tv-containing piece of furniture, at least one couch, some end tables and lamps...), and a library (which needs at least a couple lamps, a table, one or more comfy armchairs), it's going to mean that we need a lot of new furniture!! Ok, well not "new" furniture, because we don't have the money for that. It means we need to really get cracking, checking all the thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist for nice-enough used furniture that just happens to fit our exact specifications, while not being too expensive. A pretty tall order.

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  1. exciting! i really, really like your plan for the bedrooms. sounds like it will be the perfect set up for your family. good luck with packing and furniture shopping!