Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned how we had been unable to recover any remains of our miscarried baby, which we had been hoping to bury. Well, I guess I just spoke too soon. Today, our poor little lifeless babe arrived...

We wrapped him/her (I'm still hesitant to give the baby a name, or "assign" it a gender. Although it's still something we might do in the future) in a small embroidered handkerchief, wrapped it with a cloth Rosary and a blessed medal, and placed this in a small ceramic container. We buried the baby in my dad's backyard, since we know he'll at least be living in that house for a while (we're still just renting ours).

We also brought over our weeping angel statue (which I loved the first time I spotted it in a catalog, and asked for as a Christmas gift years ago) to use as a grave marker. Tom, me, Sly, and my Dad were all there. We each threw a handful of dirt onto the "casket", the way people do.

It's a nice little spot. I'm glad we were actually able to bury our baby. It helped provide some closure. And it will be good to have that physical reminder of the child we never met - not only for us, but for our other children as well.

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