Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our House Tour Part 2: Sly's Room

Next stop on the tour is Sly's room, since - again - it was one of the first rooms to get fully set-up.  It's also one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Huge, cozy, and a great place to hang out with my son :-)

Sly's room is entered through a door in our bedroom.  Love the rosettes in the woodwork!

Remember this scratch-off paper from art class as a kid?

For a one-year-old, this little boy has a palatial bedroom.

I mean, he has a freaking sandbox in his room. (it's because my mom insisted on giving it to him as an Easter gift.  And then we moved to a house with no yard.)  Now it's a toy box!)

You can see the curtains I made in the background.  I decided to make them thin, with not much drape in the width because 1. It cost half as much to make them that way!! and 2. they are semi-sheer, so plenty of light comes in even when they're closed all the time.

Cute little table and chairs from IKEA - only $20.

A little reading corner, a basket of blankets, and Starry Night.

This bookshelf was Tom's when he was little.  Now it holds Sly's board books (the books with paper pages are kept elsewhere, so he can't rip them). 

A close-up of the curtains.  A cute button print (good for boys or girls!).  It came from the quilting fabric section of JoAnn's.

Anything in the room with planes used to belong to Tom when he was little.  He used to be obsessed with them, and I think he aims to make Sly the same way.  This picture is a good example of my attempt to mix "baby" decor with "big boy" decor.  So we have pastels and primary colors mingling together around the room.  But I think it looks okay...right?

Cool metal planes on the wall.  And a slide (also purchased by my mom).  Seriously - being an only child has major perks ;-)

Sly's crib with a Peter Rabbit tapestry above.  And that cool globe has a nightlight inside.

60's vintage shelf (look at those splayed-out legs!) to store some toys.

Cute "Sly" train Tom's parents bought on their recent anniversary trip to Florence.

And that's it!

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