Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our House Tour Part 5: The Living Room

Well, we've lived here for almost six months now.  Time to finally continue showing you around!

(Part 1, 2, 3, 4 here)

Not much to say about this photo.  You can see Sly's book basket on the floor by the huge speaker used as an endtable.  Oh, and curtains that I made.  I sorta wish they were twice as wide, so they could have a better drape.  But the fabric was already very expensive.  I got lazy and just tied them with scrap fabric, rather than sewing actual tie-backs.

Our music corner.  We're old-school and listen to a lot of our music on vinyl records.  It works out well, since both of us prefer music of the 1940s-1970s to anything modern.  And vinyl is DIRT CHEAP at thrift stores.  But you might notice the little silver object sitting atop the turntable - that's my iPod, which is loaded up with all the cds we own.  So we can listen to lots of different things.

Our collection of old glass bottles, scavenged from here and there.

This is our home altar.  Inside it, we store all our extra candles, rosaries, prayer books, prayer cards, and some statues.  St. Gerard is out now, since he's the patron saint of pregnancy and childbirth.  I love the icon above, which depicts Christ tenderly touching Mary on the chin.  The roses are dried, and I replace them every time I'm given roses by my husband.

You can see Lance asleep on the couch - a typical scene.  In the foreground is a coffee table that we trash-picked.  It's a little beat up on the top, but I figure it would have gotten that way soon enough with toy cars and such being driven over it.  So we decided not to bother refinishing it.  The lamps (only one seen here) are thrifted gems I picked up a few years ago.

We're hoping to get rid of this rocking chair soon (free to friends! let me know if you're interested), and put some shelving in this corner as a toy storage area.

We picked up this cabinet from a guy on Craigslist shortly before moving.  We thought we might use it to store the stereo, or maybe as the home altar.  It is a vintage tv cabinet which he had pulled the old television screen out of.  The bottom section used to house the internal speakers.

But then we realized - why not just stick our tv inside the tv cabinet?!  The bottom section was perfect for the dvd player.  It's so nice to be able to close it away from sight anytime we like.  So many people have visited and assumed we didn't own a tv!

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