Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little Incident

Last night, we had kind of a scare.  I'll spare you the gross details, but let's just say that a large quantity of liquid came out from my...nether regions.  We were worried that my water might have broken.  Being that I'm only 22 weeks pregnant, that would obviously have been a major problem.  The liquid didn't really have much odor, and we couldn't think what else it possibly could have been.

We contacted the midwife on call, and she advised us to come into the birth center right away so she could check to see what it was.  So we had to drag Sly out of bed - after midnight - hop in the car, and head over there.  The midwife explained the ways she would check whether it had been amniotic fluid: she'd use a test strip, look at my cervix to see whether anything was coming out, and take a sample to look at under the microscope.

We waited nervously while she conducted the various tests, but were finally able to sigh in relief when she informed us that they all came out negative.  We were still pretty baffled, though, about what could have happened.  She told us delicately that the only possibility was that it was urine.  Are you kidding me?  I PEED MYSELF?!  Haha.  It's pretty embarrassing, especially since I didn't even feel like I was...going.  But it's also kind of amusing.  The baby had been kicking me really low down all night, and I guess she just put a lot of pressure on my bladder.

Anyways, everything seems to be well for now.  But I should probably start doing more Kegels, as they always suggest, to avoid anymore incidents like this...  ;-)


  1. Hi! I read you regularly but almost never comment (sorry about that...) but I really felt like maybe I should today. I am the Momma of 4 kiddos and during my 3rd pregnancy I had something similar happen at around 21 weeks. Long, awful story short, my water HAD broken. The swabs done at the hospital came back negative because I wasn't leaking fluid at that exact moment. They said that I had a weak bladder after having other children. I delivered my little girl 2 days later after contracting an amniotic fluid infection :(. I wished that it was something that could have been caught in time to have changed the outcome...

    I hate those other Moms that tell all the horror stories to other pregnant moms but I couldn't help myself but to share my experience with you. Please just be so careful. If it keeps happening keep getting it checked out!

    Love and prayers for your sweet family and hope that ya'll have a great weekend!


  2. I am so glad it was on pee! Don't worry, this happened to me also!

  3. I peed myself when I was pregnant with Matthew and thought the same thing was happening. Don't be embarrassed at all! Glad everything is okay. :)

  4. same thing happened to me at about 33weeks. it was super scary. and yes i was totally embarrassed too but l&d says it happens a LOT! so glad everything is ok!!!!

  5. I have had the problem before and I am pregnant with number 6. You are not alone :)

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, been there, done that.

  7. I had the same thing happen with baby number 2, we were an hour and a half from my doctor's and with friends at amusement park. Very embarrassing!