Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Easter to all!

Tom and I managed to get to the vigil Mass this year, which we were weren't planning on.  We sorta figured our vigil Mass-going days are over for a long long time, since it's so tough to bring young kids out so late (and tough enough bringing them to Mass at all, even at a more appropriate time!).  But on Saturday, we got an unexpected visit from Tom's sister, so we conned her into babysitting that evening.  I was feeling totally exhausted by 8:00 pm, and wasn't sure I would be able to make it through the Mass, but Tom really wanted to go, so I decided to tough it out.

I love the beginning of the Mass, when the whole congregation is standing in the pitch-black church in silence.  It feels like you're inside the catacombs.  And then the priest enters, carrying the newly lit Easter candle, and chanting "Lumen Christi!"  As he goes, the altar boys help to spread the fire from the big candle to the smaller ones which all the people are holding.  And then the light just spreads in a huge wave to the front and sides of the church.  It's awesome.

I managed to hold it together for that part, and some of the readings.  But during the blessing of the water, I was out.  I slept through most of the Mass!  yikes...maybe vigil Masses aren't so good for mommies, either.

On Sunday, it was nice to have the whole morning free to just relax with the family, though, and not have to rush to church.  Sly got a visit from the Easter bunny, and was already in a crazy sugar-induced rage within minutes of being given his basket.  We tried to limit the amount of candy we put in, knowing he'd be receiving more baskets soon: one from Tom's parents, one from my mom, and one from my dad.

I remembered to hide most of the candy from his sight last night, but I had forgotten a bag of plastic eggs sent over by my dad.  As soon as Sly saw them this morning, he whined for more candy.  I tried my best - really I did - to get him to eat some "real food" first.  I gave him some yogurt and grapes for breakfast.  But he refused to touch any of it, continuing only to point at the candy.

And then - I am ashamed to admit - I did something that I never would have believed possible before actually becoming a mother...I asked him, "do you want to put some candy in your yogurt?"  He nodded vigorously.  Of course.  So I took a small handful of M&Ms/jelly beans/mini Robins Eggs, and stirred them in.  But hey, at least he ate it all up!


  1. i'd totally do the same thing with my son on easter. (he was a holy saturday boy this year and he has the potential for easter to fall on his birthday a few times in his life.)

  2. Don't worry. I fed Matthew left over birthday cake from my birthday for lunch today. Didn't even attempt real food first. Some days you are just too tired to argue and I don't think it hurts every once in a while. lol

  3. My son is a picky eater..sometimes you get tired of fighting over it. Last night he requested popcorn for dinner. He had a healthy lunch so I gave him popcorn for dinner. He went to bed happy and full.