Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pierogi Party!

A couple weeks back, we invited some friends over to make pierogies with us.  I've eaten plenty of Mrs. T's and similar frozen ones in my lifetime, but have never actually had a homemade one before (despite being from Pittsburgh, I have no Eastern European ancestry).

It helps to have a lot of people making them at once, which is why a lot of people hold parties for making them.  The process was much easier than I expected, and we all figured managed to figure it out with no previous experience.  I made all the dough.  I used this recipe, and I think I ultimately made six batches worth. It was simple, easy to work with, and tasty (but as I had to yell at one of the men when he took a crack at mixing - "don't overwork the dough!!").  I had each friend/couple who attended bring one bowl of a filling of their choosing. 

We ended up with: potato+cheese, potato+onion, potato+garlic, smoked chipotle sweet potato, potato and walnut cream cheese, and prune.

rolling out the dough, cutting it with a shot glass, and rolling again

Tom and Rosemary manning the filling station

sealing up the pierogies

At the end of the afternoon, we cooked up a big batch and got to taste them all.  And everyone was sent home with about thirty-five pierogies for their freezers.  They'll be a great meat-free food for Lent.  I hope to make this a yearly tradition!


  1. The chipotle - sweet potato filling sounds fabulous!

  2. This definitely needs to be a yearly tradition! :) I made sure we ate the ones with bacon first so they wouldn't be around during Lent. ;)

  3. Pierogis are among my favorite comfort foods, but I only assisted in making them when I was small. Your idea of spreading the work among many is a great one. :)

  4. Fun - what a great idea!

    Did you use your potato water to seal them? ;0)