Saturday, February 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 25)

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I wasn't able to go online.  Thanks to several suggestions on my Lenten post, I've decided that on Wednesdays and Fridays, I will "fast" from all internet use (except a few e-mail checks).  On the other days of the week, I will limit my use to naptimes, bedtime, or other child-free moments.  I don't want the internet taking me away from my kids anymore.

Like many others, I was shocked and saddened by Monday's news of Pope Benedict XVI deciding to resign.  He has done a lot of good for the Church during his short pontificate, and I was hoping he'd have many more years to continue.  We need to pray for him and his successor.

I love seeing all the little reminders around my house that children live here.

the "trappings of childhood" - they warm my heart

Sly is really into doing crafts right now.  It's a good way to keep him entertained and out of trouble in that time between breakfast and lunch.  But I'm running out of ideas.  I do remember a lot of crafts I did in preschool or kindergarten, but we've already done most of the ones that are toddler-appropriate.  The others will have to wait a couple years.  I've started keeping a little Pinterest board for some ideas I've come across, but I could use more.  If anyone has a good idea or link, I'd love if you shared it with me!

Here's one I found on Pinterest.  Sly loves changing it each day.

Speaking of toddler distractions...something I've discovered that Sly LOVES to do is put away the silverware into the proper slots in the drawer.  When he wants to "help" me do something in the kitchen that he's not really capable of yet, I tell him, "actually, Sly, I could use some help putting away the silverware." There's always some in the drying rack, so he happily puts them away while I finish up the task I was doing.  Win-win.

We've had a rough time with Stella at night.  From one month old, Sly started sleeping through the night, and we never had an issue after.  Stella seemed to be following the same pattern for awhile.  But at about four months old, she suddenly began waking many many times each night, screaming and inconsolable.  It was a grueling and exhausting time for me, and I kept thinking of writing about it here, then hesitating - I mean, who wants to hear about someone else's baby's sleep problems? 

We were leaving Mass a few weeks ago, and a woman who I have talked with a couple times came up to ask about Stella, and specifically how she was sleeping (moms always ask other moms about that!).  I admitted that things had been pretty bad in that department.  Then she asked, simply, "have you prayed about it?"  And I just paused.  No. No I had not.  Way to go, Christine.  Something that was becoming a real and constant trouble in my life, but I hadn't even thought to ask for help.  How many times has this happened to me?  Why haven't I learned by now?  I just keeping trying to deal with some burden as it gets worse and worse, assuming there's nothing to be done.  I forget that I can bring anything - even something as "normal" and "expected" as a baby who doesn't like to sleep through the night - to God.  So I began praying about it.  And it has gotten better. 

For Valentine's Day, my mother-in-law gave me some cute new kitchen towels (Martha Stewart brand, so I'm guessing they came from Macy's?). 

Tom gave me roses - he still thinks fresh flowers are a really stupid gift, but I've finally convinced him that I really do enjoy them.  Both of us completely forgot to make each other homemade cards, something we did last year with the intention of continuing it as a yearly tradition!  We gave ourselves an "extension", though, and we'll exchange tomorrow instead. 

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  1. Isn't the internet fast great?? ("Great" as in "super-hard-but-you-can-tell-it's-fruitful" way.)

  2. All I have to say is that Noah went through a phase from about 3 months to 5.5 months where he barely slept. Then at 5.5 months, it was like someone gave me a different baby. Granted, he wasn't a great sleeper but wasn't waking up tons and screaming either. It was so strange. And I took him to the doctor about every other week. I was convinced something was wrong. We finally did sleep training which seemed to work wonders, but I'm with you. I never, ever thought to pray about it and seeing you write it made it seem so obvious! I may even write it in his baby book to remind me for next time around. And put it on sticky notes throughout the house to remind me! Wow. Thanks for sharing that!

    1. Yeah, it stunned me too! You're welcome :-)

  3. I had recently been reminded of offering EVERYTHING up to God in prayer as well, so after our sleep issues with Opal, I begin to pray about it, and she's gotten so much better. I often forget how powerful the simple act of prayer is- even for the smallest things. I'm glad Stella is giving you a better night's rest!

    We have a felt "Today Is..." calendar with the date and weather, but that weather wheel is such a nice, simple idea for really little ones.

  4. I recently came across haven't looked too much yet, but she has a page for toddler activities so that might be helpful.

    I was in charge of "science" last month. First I froze a few blocks of ice (using plastic containers). If you put little piles salt on top and then a few drops of food coloring on each pile, it seeps into the blocks and makes really cool colors. Then, I froze water balloons. When you peel the balloon off the ice ball, you can use salt to stick the balls together (briefly!)--and then felt pieces to dress them up as snowmen. Super cute!

    This month I have music. I've just been making little crafts to go with different children's songs. We used glue and glitter to make spiderwebs on black paper and glued on a spider I just printed off, and sang Itsy Bitsy Spider. This week we're singing "Five green and speckled frogs" and gluing pictures of frogs to popsicle sticks and sticking them in an egg carton "log". I think next week we'll do "Mary had a little lamb" and glue cotton balls on a cut out lamb.

    I found a lot of good "cooking" ideas here-- They have craft pages too, although its not the best laid-out website.

  5. #4: I love that!

    #5: I may have to borrow that idea the next time we're at my parents' house.