Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Baby Turned!!

I wrote yesterday about how nervous I was getting, at 39 weeks pregnant, having a baby that was stubbornly continuing to face forward ("sunny side up")  rather than backward.  Many of you offered your advice, experiences, and prayers, and I am so grateful - thank you, all.

I spent a lot of time yesterday evening "researching" what might be in store for me with a sunny side up labor, and getting more and more determined to get that baby turned around.  I kept coming across scary phrases like "long drawn-out stop and go labor" and "excruciating back pain."  The gist I got was: "yes, it's very possible to have a natural birth when the baby is in the posterior position, but OH MY GOSH do everything possible to make it flip before then!!"

Here are the primary methods I tried:

1. Going through the Miles Circuit, suggested to me by my ever-reliable doula.

2.  Having Tom use a make-shift rebozo on me (a bed sheet). It is a pretty silly-looking operation, and it was hard not to laugh through it.

3. Being mindful of leaning forward while sitting, rocking on an exercise ball while I did the ironing, and avoiding any sort of reclining position whatsoever.  I wish someone had stressed to me how important it was to avoid too much laying around during the end of know, before I spent every night during the past few months alternately lying in a warm bath reading a book, or lying on the couch knitting and watching movies!

4. Fervently praying that the baby would turn.

I can't say exactly which of these was the clincher (though #4 probably played a big role), but somehow, miraculously, it worked!  When I went to my midwife appointment today, two midwives confirmed that the baby had turned himself the right way. 

I feel so relieved.  And as if I'm finally "ready" for this to happen.  Tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day, which is the day I've sort of been hoping for as our new little son's birthday.  We'll see.... :-)


  1. That's great! I'll be praying for you during this last week or so, especially that baby doesn't turn back around. I've had 2 posterior babes, one I pushed out with the help of the dreaded vacuum, and one the OB was able to reach up there and turn. I am an epidural mama, so those two scenarios were bearable, I guess. No one realized until I was fully in labor about the position. Take care of yourself and enjoy this last week!

  2. I'm so glad for you. My mom is a doula and she always says that position is everything. She even said that after giving birth to my 10lb. 15oz. brother, so.

    If the baby is born today you'll always be able to party for real, even though his birthday will always be during Lent (not that lent slows us down much for birthdays, but still...)

    I have a nephew who was born on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul but the parents named him James because that was their favorite name and they just didn't want to change it. We give them a hard time about that but really, I do understand. Do you factor date of birth into your names at all or would you say you're pretty much set?

    1. We haven't factored in dates for birth names so far (and, actually, I think both kids were born on "feria" days anyways). I do think it's a neat thing to do, though. My husband's grandparents had 14 kids, and I think most of them were named for the Saints' feast they were born on. Of course...if you give them a different name, then your kids will get to celebrate TWO special days each year - a birthday, AND a "name day" :-)

      We've been saying that if the baby comes today, we will use Joseph as a middle name. I think we just might use Joseph, no matter when he's born.

  3. I was born on St. Anne's day, which factored heavily into being named Suzanne. To me, it is rather neat to be born on a feast day and have that name.

    Now that he has moved, here's hoping labor begins soon!

  4. Hurrah! So glad he turned!

    I'm also glad to hear you're considering Joseph as his middle name. I've been thinking it would go well together. So that's his Godmother-to-be's vote ;-)