Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter and More Than You Want to Hear About Breastfeeding

Happy Easter to all!

Our Easter was sort of a blur for me, because I was sick for much of it.  I'm pretty sure I had mastitis (an infection related to breastfeeding) over the weekend.  We had all been planning to go to the Vigil Mass on Saturday night.  We were going to put the kids to bed early, then carry them to the car when it was time to leave, still in pajamas, and just let them lay on the pews and sleep through the Mass.  It worked for us last year.  I'd been feeling cold all day, and Tom kept saying I was crazy, because it was so nice out and the rest of the family was in short sleeves, while I was in a sweater and slippers.  As the kids' bedtime approached, it got really bad, and I was developing major chills, soreness, and other symptoms.  It was clear that I had a fever, so Tom ended up going to the vigil alone and I stayed home in bed.

When he got home at three in the morning (he'd gone out for delcicious unhealthy food afterwards with friends, as used to be our tradition before we had kids...I'm only a little jealous), I croaked out instructions to him as to where he could find all the hidden Easter goodies for the kids, and how I wanted them all layed out in their baskets.

Sly was so excited to see his basket in the morning, and kept saying, "I LOVE Easter!".  And we did our first-ever egg hunt for the kids, because we actually have a yard now (have I exclaimed this enough times yet?)

Sly changed into more a Spring-appropriate outfit later

I still didn't feel great, but the fever had broken, so I didn't feel like I was sick enough to miss Easter Mass entirely.  Though he didn't need to go again, Tom decided to come too so we bring the kids. We ended up at the Easter morning Mass, which I don't think I've attended for many years.  I wasn't prepared for it, so I didn't really have an outfit picked out (I feel like the vigil Mass calls for darker colors, and the morning Mass for brighter ones....but that might just be a personal opinion).  It's almost impossible to find a dress in my closet that both fits me and works for nursing.  I didn't even remember to wear a fun hat, let alone a nicer-than-usual veil!

And this was the best family photo we got, after many attempts.

Later, at our big family dinner, my uncle asked Sly, "So did the Easter Bunny visit you last night?"  Sly just gave him a look as if he thought he was totally insane, then said, "you're goofy."  We've never actually mentioned the Easter Bunny to him.  I just think it/he(?) is kind of silly, and doesn't really hold the same magic and legend status for me as Santa Claus.  We haven't explained how the baskets get filled, and Sly hasn't asked, so...I think we're all happy for now.

As the party wore on, I started getting feverish again, so we went home.  I sweated through another miserable night.  In the morning, I called up the midwives, and said basically, "I think I have mastitis, and I need antibiotics!!" But the midwives tend to prefer the least intervention possible, so I was told that instead I should spend the whole day "resting, drinking fluids, nursing my baby, and not doing anything else."  Ha - yeah right.  I think I actually laughed on the phone. 

I didn't get a ton of rest, but I tried to keep my workload light.  Thankfully, I seem to be getting over whatever it was, and the fever hasn't come back.


So I know we really should have done this long ago, but we haven't provided Sly with the actual word for "breasts". He knows all about how babies nurse from their mothers, and he asks me a lot of rather personal questions about it when I nurse Linus.  But each time, he's fumbling around in his speech, because he doesn't have terms for the parts he's asking about.  The other day, he asked if it hurt me if Linus pulled on "those little things" (nipples).

I should probably just tell him what everything is called, but I don't know - I guess I'm embarrassed about it?  Anyone have suggestions?

On a related note, today, Sly pointed to one of my breasts while Linus was nursing, and said "half gallon" then to the other, saying, "whole milk."  Oh my.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry, mastitis is the worst. Good for you for toughing it out though; I gobbled down those antibiotics...

  2. Christine, I got mastitis for the first time ever about a week after Rebecca was born! That is so interesting that you did this time too. I just took fever meds and it went away by itself, but came back twice just like you described! It was the worst fever ever! I think my temperature was 103 degrees! I woke up shivering- like I have never been so cold in my life! And it lasted on and off for about a day. Anyway, little Tom calls nursing "milkies", I know not the best term ever but better than boobs or breasts! When we walk by the bras at the store he says, "Look, Mama, milkies!" I know...

  3. Our Triduum plans always change throughout as well. Last year it was stomach flu. This year I chickened out Easter morning and dropped the toddler off at my parents on the way to Mass. My husband sings in the schola Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and so I am solo with the 4 kids for all those services. Which actually worked ok until Easter morning when I just decided to reward myself with a lessened load. No regrets :)

    I always want to wear something light and floral for Easter, regardless of which Mass I attend. Which means I have worn the same skirt for every Easter and baptism since I was married (excepting when I am greatly pregnant on Easter instead of breastfeeding so I am able to wear a maternity dress). I went out to the shops during Holy Week because my husband agreed that I should buy something new but nothing was appropriate at all. The styles this season are terrible. The necklines are all super high (bad for breastfeeding) but the skirts are super short and the prints are geometric instead of floral and everything was black, white, red, navy, emerald. Nothing pastel at all. So, similar frustrations as you, and I was so excited about buying something. Thankfully I had success on Twice which ships with amazing speed.

    I have taught my kids the word 'breast' but they continue to point and say "those things.' Which is fine with me I guess.

  4. Ugggh, I'm sorry you have mastitis. I am fortunate to have never gotten it (yet...). But yeah, anyone who recommends that mothers of 2+ littles just "rest" all day is ... out of touch with reality? lol.

  5. I would us the proper terms for them as he is young and will repeat them in the most inconvenient places lol! My son came to me about 2 weeks ago asking about Boob Buttons...(nipples)....I was thrown off lol!

  6. I am so sorry you had mastitis. I had it once with Matthew and twice with Noah. All three times I was super sick and without antibiotics, I'm not sure what I would have done. Three days of a high fever was more than I could take!

    In terms of body parts and Sly, we have always been very honest with Matthew when he asks what things are called. This all started when I was nursing Noah. AT that point it became the clear the difference between boys and girls. We tell him the names and then discuss when it's appropriate to talk about those body parts (with mommy and daddy, nanny and poppy, grandma). In other words, we want to make the point that it's good and natural to talk about our bodies, but sometimes school and the middle of Mass aren't the best places. I don't know. It felt awkward at first, but I figured I want my kids coming to me and Brian to ask us anything and naming body parts is the least embarrassing conversations we are bound to have. lol I could be wrong, but it has yet to backfire. We shall see how Noah does though..he is much more mischievous and I could see him thinking it was fun to blurt out inappropriate words in the grocery store! :)

  7. We've never given the kids proper anatomical terms either, solely because John Paul is such a blurter that I don't want to have to deal with an awkward public incident! They just talk about mom's chest, and we leave it at that. Of course, then John Paul found our copy of "The Pregnancy Bible" and started talking about lactation... Awkward!

  8. I'm SO sorry you had to deal with mastitis. I've had it three times(once with my first and TWICE with my fourth!). It's awful stuff. Resting, nursing, loads of water, lavender essential oil rubbed on the sore point, an cabbage leaves inside my bra did the trick every time.