Monday, June 13, 2011

It Started Innocently Enough...

I was already wearing the high-necked purple shirt and a long skirt (it's a little colder out today than it's been). Then while I was putting on my daily foundation/concealer, I decided to try out my new red lipstick. And of course when you have bright red lips, you can't just leave your eyes bare. So I added a bit of liner and mascara....

Had I been staying in today, I would have left it at that. But I still need to make a trip to the supermarket (as soon as Sly wakes up), so my hair needed to be dealt with. It's very difficult to do anything with it these days. Last week, I had my side-swoop bangs converted into across-the-whole-forehead bangs (I'm not in love with the new do, but after five years, I needed something different!). So now I have short front bangs, weird longer bangs behind those (which my hairdresser warned would get "really really annoying" but that I needed to "resist the urge to cut them!"), and then the rest of my shoulder-length hair. Plus, it's summertime, so most days my hairstyle choices are limited to "anything that gets every bit of hair off of my neck!" I messed around with it for a while, and concocted a twisted up bun thing at the top of my head. Good enough.

Then, with my hair off my shoulders, my neckline was so barren-looking. I needed a necklace. Something large to fill the space, but not blue (like almost every piece of jewelry I own), which would have clashed with the purple. The necklace I chose had gold metal, so I needed to wear the only matching earrings I own - little gold balls.

And then suddenly I looked in the mirror and said, "when did I become a 1960s housewife??!"
Kinda creepy looking...

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  1. ha ha, so funny! i really like the new bangs though! are you planning on growing them out?