Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok. I don't want to get ahead of myself on here. AGAIN. But...we think the cat really might be pregnant this time. The signs are much stronger. She is very fat (she isn't fitting through the cat holes in the baby gates anymore), and her nipples are very prominent and hard. And she's acting funny. I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up too much, though.

I wish she had had kittens a few months ago, before Sly was crawling. It would have been a lot easier to deal with then. If there were kittens now, it would be difficult to keep Sly from "over-loving" them. The only area of the house that is totally off-limits for Sly is the basement, but that is an awful and dangerous place for the kittens too (plus, if there were kittens down there, I wouldn't be able to sit and gaze at them for hours)....

Will keep you posted on progress!

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