Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A World of Possibilities Has Been Opened!

YES!! In my determination to find some way to fit into a dress for my friend Katie's wedding rehearsal this Friday, I made a most exciting discovery. My "nursing mother's figure" [ahem] is finally going back to more sane dimensions. I can fit into most of my dresses again!!

As I detailed in a recent post, I've struggled since Sly was born to get dresses zipped at the back. And it seemed that nothing new (in bigger sizes, too) that I tried on in the stores was fashioned to accommodate someone with my new proportions either. But yay! Now I don't have to worry about having *nothing to wear* to dressy events...Well, at least not until I find myself pregnant again...which could be any day now (I hope?).

I'm quite anxious to wear all of my fanciest dresses as soon as possible. I haven't worn any of them since...well, at least a year and a half ago now. And some of them, longer than that. I'm very aware that each future pregnancy will render everything off limits again for at least that long (and possibly longer if it takes me forever to lose baby weight, or if I never DO lose the baby weight!).

So I must find excuses to wear these things now!!

I can't wear any of my long-neglected dresses to the actual wedding, since I'm a bridesmaid and so obviously have to wear the required dress for that. The rehearsal/dinner could be an opportunity for dressing up....but everyone else will be dressing up on the "pretty summery dress" level. Not the "long velvet gown" or "beaded flowy dress" level. Sigh.

I do have some cotton dresses that I guess I haven't worn in a while....And at least there's still Rosemary's wedding (and rehearsal) next month!

All the best to the bride(s) and groom(s) :-)


  1. yay!!! that's very exciting news, christine!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see what dresses you wear to our rehearsal and wedding. ;)