Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prepping for Christmas, Part II

I tried to restrain myself for a while, in order to keep Advent from turning into a Christmas explosion.  But we're hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange this weekend, so the house needs to be festive for that.  I think pretty much everything is up at this point.

This is the "pretty tree" downstairs, so called because I'm very selective about what ornaments go on it.  They are almost entirely glass, and I don't know how I get away with this with two young kids.  But yes, the tree is every bit as lopsided as it appears in this picture.

This is the "ugly tree" upstairs.  It's smaller, and artificial (blerggh).  It has most of the ornaments that Tom brought into the marriage. ha.
Advent wreath as centerpiece

Sly dictated, and I wrote it down word-for-word.

I took Karen's advice about what to do with our little manger.  The "hay" is just strips of yellow paper, but it works for now.

No mantle, so we're making do with the stereo shelf

My mom decided we needed a cheesy Santa tapestry for our house this year.  At night, it flashes with multi-colored, blindingly-bright LED lights.  Tom hates it :-)

A garland on the china cabinet displays all our "first Christmas" ornaments

the Advent calendar is filling up

This picture is meant to show the cards displayed around the doorway.  The number gets smaller every year, which is a little sad.  But I'm not helping the cause, as I haven't sent any out myself for two years now...
Christmas book basket

breaking out the classic Christmas records

 apron I've been wearing around just because it's cute
I'm trying out the idea of setting up our Nativity scene "realistically" this year.  So right now, it's just the stable boy and the manger chilling in the stable (we don't have any oxen, or they'd be there too).  The shepherd and his crew are "nearby".  I have Mary, Joseph, and the donkey over on a bookcase (they are "en route to Bethlehem" now) and the wise men and a camel on a side table.  This is a Fontanini set, which I love because they are all made of unbreakable PLASTIC, but look so nice.

colored C-9s, baby!


  1. Your Jesse tree is a lot like the one we had growing up! :) And I LOVE Sly's letter to Santa--so precious!!

    And yeah... so far we have gotten FOUR Christmas cards ... so don't feel too bad, haha. I'm just hoping to get Keith to sign the rest of ours so I can get them in the mail to people before Christmas!

  2. Cracking up.at the glass ornaments.for the last few years I had no ornaments on the bottom third of my tree. Then one child learned he could grab a branch and shakenit, making all the pretty ornaments rain down. This year,after having my fifth baby I have given up and bought a giant container of unbreakable plastic balls that go nicely with the assorted popsicle stick and salt dough ornaments. What is left of the nice ones goes on an up high garland.