Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"I Have a Fat Stomach Too"

On Monday, Tom had the day off, so I attempted once again to sneak out of the house for a short time without Stella Bella Baby.  It was a success, and I found a couple of the white shirts I've been needing!

I had an awkward/amusing exchange at the entrance to the fitting room with the lady who counts your items and hands you the tag with a number.

As I approach...
Lady: "(muffle muffle) stomach (muffle muffle)"
Me: "What was that?"
Lady: "I see your stomach sticking out a tiny bit."
*I quickly look down, thinking maybe my shirt was pulled up and I'm showing off my attractive stretch marks to all the world.  But no...I'm wearing my coat, and it's still buttoned up...*
Lady: "There's a baby in there, right?"
Me: "" [totally awkward]
Lady: [unfazed] "Oh."
*I'm just wishing she'd hand me the dang tag, and be done with it.*
Lady: "I feel like I offended you or something."
Me: [increasingly awkward] "'s fine..."
Lady: "It's ok.  I have a fat stomach too."



  1. Oh my! Some comments are just better left unsaid. I don't think any woman, pregnant or not, wants her stomach to be the topic of conversation as she approaches the fitting room. I did, however, have to LOL at the awkward exchange. It seems like she just didn't know when to stop.

  2. That is so terrible!! Why why why?

    P.S. I don't how recent of an addition this is, but I love the Chesterton quote on your side bar!

  3. I got asked if I was pregnant soooo many times before I had Daniel. Then when I was pregnant, people didn't believe it because I was "so tiny".

  4. I would have burst into tears right then and there. How rude of her! I can't imagine what she'd say about my stomach!

  5. Sheesh! Some about a bad recovery on her part! There needs to be a PSA that states no one should ever comment on if a woman is pregnant unless it looks like she has a watermelon in there.

  6. I work at Walmart(I know best company ever, right?) we are not allowed to ask our customers or fellow employees if they are pregnant or talk about it unless they tell us first. Since I cut fabric, I usually only say something if they start talking about it to me and then it's just the usual "oh are you having a boy or a girl?" "When are you due?" Etc.

  7. Once, years ago, I went with my brother and his friend to pick up pizza from this pizza place that was older than the hills. The lady behind the counter said to me, "So when's the baby due?" I was about 18, never had a boyfriend. My brother and his friend never -- to this day -- let me forget it.