Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Silly Little Man

 Just a collection of some sweet and funny little quotes from my two-and-a-half (!) year old.


Sly's very into dinosaurs right now.  Until about a week ago, though, he had a lot of trouble keeping their names straight.  Some of my favorites:  tri-dinosaur-tops, tyranodinosaur, and broccolisaurus [this is supposed to be brachiosaurus, and he gets very adamant when we try to correct him].

I was talking to Sly about dinosaurs, and told him that they lived a really long time ago and all that's left now is their skeletons. He got this sad and confused look on his face, then said, "but there still T. Rexes. Lots of T. Rexes."

Looking at his pterodacytl cup "Flying dinosaurs in Sly's water.  Sly say, "HEY!  Get out!" 

I recently served some baby spinach at dinner.  Sly made it clear that he did not want to eat a single bite.  But then I told him that it was leaves like a stegosaurus would eat.  He kept calling it "dinosaur food!!" and happily ate several helpings.  The next night, we had peas and carrots with dinner.  He got a huge smile, and gasped - as if he couldn't believe his luck - "we having dinosaur food again!"  haha...I wonder how long I can keep this up.

This one isn't actually a Sly quote, but it's topical, and amusing.  Last night I came to bed, and found that Tom had fallen asleep with a book open in his hands.  It was a book of extinct animals, and he had it open to the "long-necked browsing dinosaurs" section!  haha.  Like father, like son, I guess.

Me: Do you want to learn to read?
Sly: Yeah!  Sly can sing at church.  [awww]

About a month ago, Tom read Sly The Velveteen Rabbit (yes, the whole thing!  That's a much longer story than I expected either of them to have the patience for).  Tom had never read it before, so was taken by surprise at how sad it was.  He got a little choked up while he was reading, and Sly noticed it.  Tom told Sly to "keep it between [them]".  But several times since, Sly has pulled the book triumphantly off the shelf, and waved it around saying, "Daddy cried!  Daddy cried!"

Yesterday: "Sly has a guardian angel!  (me: "yeah, that's right") Stella has a guardian angel!  (me: "that's right") The diaper bin has a guardian angel! (me: "ummm...")"

Sly thinks it's a great joke to call Stella "Stello".  He'll go to her and say, "hi, Stello!" and then crack himself up.

One morning, I was making up a little song, singing, "it's coffee time for Mommy, coffee time for Mommy, Mommy wants some coffee..." and Sly joined in, singing, "and Sly want whoopee pie!"

Overheard through the bedroom door during naptime: "This little piggy went market...this little piggy stay home...this little piggy had rist bee....this little piggy had...[really long pause].....Sly tryin' member.  Yeah."

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  1. This makes me so excited for Claire to start talking!!