Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 32)

 Firstly, I'd just like to ask people to say a prayer for Abigail who recently lost a baby to miscarriage. 

I started my first-ever quilt a week ago, and I have to say, it's coming along pretty well.  Here's a sneak peek:

 I feel like I'm getting myself into a number of crafts all at once here, which I hope isn't a mistake.  I joined Karen's (2nd) Jesse Tree ornament swap.  I'm pretty excited about it, because I've been wanting to try this Advent tradition in our family at some point.  I figure that at three years old, Sly might be old enough to kind of understand it now.  I just have to make one type of ornament (however, 28 copies of it!), mail them to Karen, and I'll get a full set back in the mail.  I chose to do the "Mary" ornament, who's symbol for the Jesse Tree is - among other possibilities - a heart.  I will admit, I chose that one mostly because it seemed the most do-able, given my limited creative abilities!

Besides the quilt and the ornament, I'm still working on knitting a pair of mittens for Tom.  I started them last winter as part of a "knit along" with a couple of friends.  They both finished theirs very quickly, and I'm....still working on mine.  

Once they are finished, I will knit a blanket for the new baby.  I made one for both Sly and Stella while I was pregnant with them, and long ago determined that this would be a tradition of mine for each baby.  Unfortunately, it occurred to me recently that I don't really enjoy knitting much anymore.  I like the products of my knitting, but the experience is usually painful for my wrist (I don't have the proper form, and the bad habit is ten-years engrained, so I don't see it changing), and frustrating since I always make stupid mistakes.  I feel like I've gotten as good as I'm gonna get, so it's hard to want to keep doing it.

I've been thinking recently that maybe, possibly, this year...we'll just kinda dispense with the whole "Santa" thing at Christmastime.  Not that I have a problem with Santa.  But I just think the reality of Christmas, and the excitement of the coming of the Christ Child could be even better and more thrilling without the secular aspects of Christmas, if we do it right.  I'm still trying to figure out how to really pull it off.  I'll probably write another post on this closer to Christmas, but in the meanwhile, if anyone has done this with their family, I'd love some feedback!

The other day at the store, a lady said to Stella: "I like your patent leather shoes."
Sly, always quick to defend his sister, responded: "They are NOT cat litter shoes!"

Stella loves cats, and the cats...well, tolerate her.  Sly was always rough with them, even as a baby.  Stella just wants to pet them and bury her face in their sides.  Our cat Lance[lot] sleeps with her every naptime now.  So cute.

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  1. Erg. I just tried to click on the link you left for your friend and google chrome just blocked the site from me saying "malicious malware detected...". I hope her computer is ok! I love the quilt and mittens!


  2. My goodness! How sweet is that kitty with Stella?! The quilt looks great. It looks like each of those blocks took a lot of work. I've only ever had the patience to do a quilt with 8 inch squares. I think we have three more openings in the ornament swap. If you know anyone else who is interested tell them to join ASAP!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Christine, thank you for the laughter that sly's comment gave me today! What a blessing and much needed.

  4. Adorable picture of kitty and Stella. My MIL would stroke out (she was convinced our cats would smother the babies and was happy when they departed this world.)

    You are an amazingly skilled artist. Why don't you just sell mittens and quilts in your shop? Beautiful!

    I will be praying for Abigail.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I'd say I'm decent when I'm following a specific pattern (which is what you often do in knitting or quilting), but when I have to come up with the look of something myself, it usually doesn't go well. Also, you saw how long I've been working on those mittens - one year, and they're not finished! If I tried to have a knitting business, it would be a total flop! haha

  5. #4: I am impressed with your mad knitting skillz. I crochet -- it requires less coordination than knitting does.

    #7: Too cute!

  6. Heh. Well, my mittens were toddler mittens with no pattern, not anywhere near as big a project as yours!

    I wanted to knit Pippa, Mary-Alice and me matching hats, but I haven't even picked a pattern. I want to get back into knitting. Maybe when I'm not so tired that I'm going to bed at 9.

  7. Those mittens are amazing- I have yet to attempt mittens or socks. And I love your quilt~ Beautiful fabrics! Stella and Lance are very sweet.

  8. We like Santa. He's a saint and all, and I think my kids need more magic in their lives not less!

    Your quilt and mittens are both uh-mazing by the way. I'm saving learning to knit so I have something to look forward to when I'm an old lady.

  9. I am interested to hear your thoughts on Santa. I know that I never really believed in Santa. I think my parents never really intended for us to believe in him, even though we did pretend. We still put cookies out and read the books and sat on his lap in the mall and all that. I have always wanted my kids to have some sort of belief in him for at least a little while. So far we've been trying to just emphasize Saint Nicholas, but my kids still know about Santa Claus from books and from their cousins. They don't see Saint Nick and Santa as separate people yet, to them it's one person who comes on two different days. We don't have a clear plan as to how far we'll take it but my oldest is 5 so I guess it's time for us to figure out what we're doing.

    I love the mittens. You still have a couple months before the weather gets too cold right :)

  10. I have never been a big fan of Santa Claus, there is no real reason, I'm just not. We have always used the story of La Befuna. There are many versions of the story, but the one that we have taught our kids is this.

    She was a older widow lady that ran an inn and when the Wise Men passed through the village they stayed there. They invited her to travel with them, but she was to busy and decided not to follow. She soon regretted it and tried to catch up with them. She never did, but she left trinkets in the shoes of all the children in hopes of giving presents to the Christ Child.

    Every Christmas we get the kids new slippers and lay them beside the tree for her to fill. It's always simple things. Then we have our tree and presents from each other. Our oldest is 17 and still loves this tradition. Just a thought.