Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's a Boy!

We finally had our ultrasound today (the hospital inexplicably refused to schedule me until I was over 19 weeks this time around), and got to see our healthy new baby boy.  Sly is pretty excited.  He's been saying he hopes the baby is "a brother, because I already have a sister."  Makes sense to me.

My intuition had been telling me it was a girl.  Of course, I was wrong for Stella too, so I guess I just have a bad sense for baby gender!  It took a few minutes for it to sink in that we have another boy instead.  Also, I feel like no mothers ever admit this, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I *wanted* it to be another girl.

Not that I'm not going to love this baby just as much as my others, because that's just how it works.  And once he's born and the whole family is together, I'll know that of course he should have been just who he is.
But I've always had the sense that I would relate better with daughters than with sons, and I have a premonition that - following the footsteps of every other woman in my entire extended family - I will end up with many more sons than daughters.  And I think that concerns me a little.  Ah, well.  "Boys are easier" anyways, so people keep telling me.

The baby is healthy, so I am more than happy.

We do have a name picked out, chosen before Sly was even born as the name for a "future second son."  It was my choice, and Tom wasn't crazy about it at first.  But I insisted that since he essentially chose Sylvester - a name it took me a long time to not hate! - for our first son, that it was my turn to choose for the next (there was actually a really cool tradition in his family that basically demanded that we give him that name.  And who am I to break an eight-generation tradition?).  We haven't really discussed whether we're sharing that name until the birth, though, so I'd better just keep quiet for now.


  1. Congrats!! So exciting!!! :) When we found out the first twin was a boy I was a bit relieved; when we found out the second one was too, I admit I was a bit disappointed! (Two girls I thought would be a bit much to handle, hehe!)

  2. I understand that. We waited until delivery to find out, but I knew our second was also our last (very high risk here). When the doctor announced "It's a boy!" it took me a few hours to process, and accept that I wouldn't have a daughter.

    We get what we should have, though-I love having two boys and think it is a lot easier. (except for the teenage bottomless pit stomachs part, that is!)

  3. Congrats on another boy! I so GET it and I've been there. We have 3 girls now, but when I had #5, he was our 4th boy and we had this lone daughter who spent far too much time at our neighbors' girl heavy house. I was kind of crushed at the ultrasound and actually cried on the way home. Those feelings are what they are and holy cow, you know this is true, 10 seconds after he was born I would have died for him. And a weird fact, this particular kid has been my cutest, funniest, and is still the smartest one of the bunch, so I obviously would never trade him in. I need him to make us look good! When I pray over him, I often look back on the last half of my pregnancy with him and just sigh...I had no idea what an amazing little kid was in there! HUGS and thanks for being honest.

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Sebastian and I are SO happy for you guys :)! He loves that you named your first son Sylvester ( you have no idea how neat he thought that was) we are eager to find out what you will name this new bundle of joy :)! Praying for you always!

  5. Haha I'm the opposite... I want a bunch of boys, so I'll probably end up with girls ;)
    Can't wait to hear his name!

    1. And guess what... I'm starting off with a girl :-)