Thursday, April 21, 2016

{p,h,f,r} Our Never-Ending Renovation Project


The kids have been bringing me lots of weeds beautiful flowers from around the yard recently


I caught the boys enjoying some quality literature together on the couch.  Actually, Waldo is veritably enjoyable.  But the highlights magazine?....ugh.  Why did I like Highlights so much as a kid?  We currently get all three Highlights iterations (Hello, High Five, and Highlights) in the mail as gift subscriptions for the kids.  I don't like any of them.  The stories and the art are just *not* that great.


Flora's second-ever smile, caught on camera!  Also, I love love love little girls' vintage clothing.  I have lots of great outfits like this from our local flea market.


We have been working FOREVER on Stella's bedroom.  We started last May, expecting to be done by the end of the summer....not realizing that Tom's job would become incredibly demanding this past year, leaving us very little time or energy to spend on the room.  So for almost a year now, Linus has been sleeping in the playroom, and Stella in the spare room.  I'm SO ready for this project to be done so I can turn it into the girls' room, and we can finally move onto something new.

The to-do list for the room
Remove old shellac from trim and doors
Stain the trim and doors
Poly the trim and doors
Remove gross carpet
Sand floors
Stain floors
Poly floors
Replace lighting
Replace outlets
Repair wall around heating vent
Paint ceiling white
Choose wall color
Paint walls
Find dresser - Stella
Re-finish dresser - Stella
Find dresser - Flora
Re-finish dresser - Flora
Find nightstand - Stella
Paint nightstand - Stella
Find headboard - Stella
Paint headboard - Stella
Find area rug
Make curtains

Still a lot of work to do!


  1. Love the picture of the boys on the couch!

    How sweet your little one looks in that outfit! I found 6 or 7 beautiful vintage baby dresses for just a few dollars (Australian) at a second hand shop a few years back. Currently pregnant with number 8, so we'll see if I get to use them ;)

  2. I've been considering asking for those magazine subscriptions for the kids but you're right, they weren't even that great when we were kids. Zoo books are still kind of cool though! Hah

    1. oh yeah! We get Zoobooks too, and they ARE still great!

  3. It's absolutely neverending! We have all these plans for stuff to do indoors, but the moment the weather is nice we HAVE to use it to do work in the garden and on the land, and then it's dark and the kids are asleep so... Nothing indoors ever gets done. The light in our room is still hanging down awkwardly because Andrew hasn't had the chance to install a ceiling fan, and at this point I think he's just going to hire someone else to do it because he just doesn't have time!